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03 November 2009 @ 02:26 pm
So... my laptop is almost defintiely gonna need to go in to Dell to get fixed, but... I can deal with that. Annoying, but... oh well.

However, there's goodness lately!

Remember how I mentioned being sick and that one side of my face swelled up? Well, yesterday morning the swelling was better from the outside (someone looking at my face who knew me well would see it was a little puffy on my jawline on one side), but on the inside of my mouth, it was pretty bad, the swelling had moved to like the gums and I was worried. Well, at about 10 yesterdya morning, after I had my break, I loked int he bathroom mirror and what do i see? the swelling has gone from just kinda reddish and puffy to having a nice white pus filled bubble. Yes, I had a pimple like thing in my mouth. But there was nothing I could do at the time except hope it didn't burst while I was working. No one wants to buy food from somewhere that a worker suddenly has pus oozing out of their mouth...

I get home, and I try to bring it up with a warm compress enough to pop it with a little pressure, but no luck. So, I took a brand new, never used, needle, sterilized, and very carefully poked at the bubble. Immediately, I had blood and pus oozing out. I spent about five minutes slowly applying some pressure to get some out, the spitting it out of my mouth, rinsing my mouth out, then starting the process again. Thankfully, one poke with the needle is all I had to do, after that it came out easily.

After five minutes, there was still some gunk in there, but my mouth was so incredibly sore from tugging my cheek to one side so I could see and pushing at the stretched and sore gums, that I had to stop for a while. I put a little warm compress in my mouth against the thing so I wouldn't get the stuff all over my mouth, or worse swallow a bunch of it, and I wanted into it felt less sore, then I spent another 5 minutes or so repeating the process until finally all I was getting was a little bit of oozing blood when I pressed, no pus.

I was worried it would fill up again, but so far it hasn't... and the worst part? Now I know that I had this HUGE amout of pus in my flesh for days because once I started getting it out? The swelling in my gums started going away. Like visibly, by the time I finished the first bought of getting rid of it, I could see a difference, and now it looks almost normal.

It feels SO much better now, and I've been smiling most of the day because OMFG I can actually fully smile! Since Wedsday or so, I haven't been able to because everything was so swollen and tight that one side didn't move much. But today I can smile fully!

In other good news... Our car just died on us on Saturday. We had to get it towed to the dealership to get it fixed, but they called today, and it's fixed and my mom just got home with it! Only cost us like $135 bucks, so yay!

I made myself a deal. Each day, I focus on NaNo until I have my daily quota (or more) written. Once that's done, I can write anything else I want. And I've got a good start to the next chapter of 'Good Enough', my The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover where Ryan is the Walker half-sibling, so... it's working well.
ihearttwojacksihearttwojacks on November 4th, 2009 02:32 am (UTC)
My friend had a similar problem with her mouth. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water or a half warm water/half hrdyogen peroxide mix is very good for insuring it doesn't become reinfected (at least that's what the e.r. doctor said)

Also, YAY for ryan/brothers and sisters! I'm excited!