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12 November 2009 @ 01:01 pm
Computer stuff...  

I jsut made a call to a local computer repair place, and I'm gonna take my laptop into them tomorrow afternoon. I know I could get it fixed for free from Dell, but... I'd rather pay money for local work and not have to deal with the hassle of mailing it back to Dell, then worrying about something happening to it on route. For me, it balances out.

The guy on the phone told me they probably wouldn't even be able to actually look at it until Monday, but since they are a first come first serve place, I'll be ahead of all the people who break theirs over the weekend and bring them in on Mondays.

Maybe I'll luck out and it won't be too expensive to fix, and they'll be able to get it fixed relatively quickly, too.

I would LOVE to be able to finish NaNo on my Laptop.

I'm stuck in the Student Union until 5 because mom and i are gonne go pick up dinner after work... and I expected to work until 3:30, but my boss let me leave early... I think because I looked about to snap... the fun of being short staffed and havign a migraine rising... bah...

I'm feeling more 'zen' now. Relaxed, calm.

I jsut wish our internet on the desktop had been working this morning, because I'd planned to save the latest chapter of 'Beautiful World' into a hotmail draft so I could work on it this afternoon while killing time... but our internet wasn't working, so... there went that plan... lol...

Oh well, I'll read fanfic, maybe write something else a bit...