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13 November 2009 @ 04:15 pm
A couple things...  
1. I dropped off my laptop to get it fixed today. They said they probably won't be able to get to it until Monday afternoon, but since it's almost useless right now, I can deal with that, no problem.

2. Major snow today. Like I woke up to the ground being snow covered, it snowed most of the day, so much that I changed my mind about haivng Mama drop me at the shopping center with K-Mart/Safeway/Hastings before she went back to work after her lunch, and yet now? it's bright and sunny out. The good part is, even though I pissed that now i don't have soda for the weekend or cotton candy (I'd planned on buying both in the little shopping center), we're mroe likely to be able to go down to Ft. Collins to see my Brother, sister-in-law, and The Cuteness (AKA my nephew, Liam).

3. I've talked about him tons, so I thought it was time I finally shared a pic of Liam. He's 11 months old (He turns 1 on December 6th!) and there is a reason I refer to him as 'The Cuteness'... we actually have the bigger version (I cropped this one and made it smaller) as our desktop wallpaper... lol

Do you see why I call him 'The Cuteness'? Adorable yes? And he is SOOO sweet! O really wanna see him tomorrow!
Briinlikerain on November 14th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
Aw, he's a cutie!