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17 November 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Today was one of those days...  
I'm currently over 3,000 words behind. If I want to catch up, I need to get almsot 5,000 words written by the end of tomorrow. At leats I'll be home by like 1:30 tomorrow, so more time to work.

Todya was my first tuesday working at 3pm. It would have been fine, except the girl who was SUPPOSE to be there at like 2 or something, never showed. One of my fellow front-liners had to leave at 2. The other one left at about 2:30. I was alone until 3. And we had a nonstop flow of customers. There were TWO guys in the cooking area, and msot of the time they weren't doing ANYTHING, just standing around WHISTLING while I ran back and forth from one end of the counter to the other trying to help the LINE of customers. One of them helepd for like 2 or 3 minute,s at which time he went to cook soemthing and said "Can you get these guys?" as though I'd been standing around doing jack shit (or, I don't know, like I had been WHISTLING while HE ran around by himself?). Pissed me off royally.

I couldn't stand to stay in that building when I finally got off work at 3, partially because if one of my bosses saw me and asked why I looked upset, I would have told them EXACTLY why and I'm not sure that would have been good... anyway, I walked down to K-mart and Hastings, and I splurged. At K-Mart I bought myself these ADORABLE flannel pajamas that are white, with pink tone4d stacks of books with cats sitting ont he stacks... so cute... and I don't even like pink! Then I went to Hastings and I found the 2-Disc Special Edition of Star Trek for $25 bucks, and sicne mama and I loved hte movie and both wanted it, I bought it... Season One of Eureka and Season One of Brothers & Sisters were also both on sale for $25 bucks each, so I bought them too. On Thanksgiving? Mama and I are thinking of having our own Eureka Marathon... lol

Bah. Hopefully I can get SOMETHING of quality written/arted tonight so I don't feel like a complete failure at life... lol