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01 December 2009 @ 03:29 pm
It Begins Tonight!  
I'll be posting the first of the 24 Gifts of 2009 tonight!

Remember, for the 24 days, it's friends locked, but on Christmas Day (mid-day or evening most likely) I'll unlock for all to see and (hopefully) enjoy...

If you wanna be friended, just friend me... I FIANLLY got around to going and friending back people who've friended me over the last few weeks, and if anyone friends me this month, I'm gonna try extra hard to friend back within a day or two.

If you friended me recently, you're now friended back. If I missed you somehow (there's a handful of REALLY prolific communities that I'm a member of but don't have on my friends page because they'd swamp out everything else, so it's possible I accidentally skimmed over a person while not adding the comms...) just comment here and I'll add you.

But don't feel you gotta friend to rea,d because come Christmas Day (Boxing Day at the latest), I'll make all the gifts public.