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03 December 2009 @ 06:05 pm
24 Gifts Of 2009 - Day Three - Beautiful World Banner (The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan/Chuck)  
Art for 'Beautiful World', my Ryan/Chuck Universe.

I'm in love with this universe. There's just something about it, about them... there's gonna be at LEAST one mroe Ryan/Chuck art int he 24 Gifts, since I made a wallpaper of them... lol

Unfortunately, I can't remember the sources for the tecxtures because I sorta completely distorted them toa point where I can't even begiunt of igure out what they DID look like... lol...

Also, if you look at my icon for this post, it's a cropped down/resized version of the banner. I was very delibrate about the colors I used for the text. Chuck is dark because the boy has some serious darkness to him, Ryan is white because he's the good guy, and the ampersand (&) between them is grey because they bring out the opposite sides in eachother. Ryan brings out Chuck's inner good guy, Chuck bring sout Ryan's inner selfishness (at least when it comes to Ryan finally saying "Screw it! I'm gonna do what *I* think is best and be with who *I* want to be with!").