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11 December 2009 @ 07:27 pm
24 Gifts Of 2009 - Day Eleven - Nick Stokes (CSI Banner)  
Mild, very mild, spoilers for 12/10's ep of CSI. Like nothing about the plot, but two of the caps used for the banner are from the ep.

See, when I saw the scene where Nick has the shotgun slung over his shoulder in the bar, it totally reminded me of Dean Winchester... and suddenly I wanted to write CSI Apocafic starring Nick Stokes...

I see it as Nick has ended up kind of taking charge of a group of survivors, and the 'texture' image (the people and tents that can kinda be seen in the background) is the camp where everyone is gathered because the city, all cities, are no longer safe... but he leads raids into Vegas because he does know the city really well and knows where to look for what they need.

Anyway, Nick would totally be a hero of the apocalypse... he'd kick ass. Only the two images with the shotgun are from last night's ep, the other caps are from other eps, can't remember which ones at the moment, but definitely from Season 10.