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17 December 2009 @ 08:08 pm
24 Gifts Of 2009 - Day Seventeen - Keep Breathing (Multifandom Apocafic)  
Umm... if Tyra sounds totally out of character? Blame it on the combination of her being pregnant and it bewing the middle of an apocalypse? lol...

3. Tyra Collette & Ryan Atwood

"You're all coming back in one piece," Tyra said firmly as she found Ryan on the porch of the cabin he, Dean, Riggins, and Matt shared, double checking he and Riggins' gear.

"Of course," Ryan replied, trying to sound as though he didn't have the slightest concern about it.

"You are so full of it," Tyra said as she sank down to sit beside him.

"Why are you outside, Tyra?" Ryan said. "It's too cold."

"It's not dark yet, so the rules don't apply yet," Tyra replied, wrinkling her nose at him.


"I'll go back inside after you guys leave."

"I promise, I'll do my best to get him back safe," Ryan said.

"You come back safe, too," Tyra said. "We have three key teams, Ryan. One is down indefinitely because of Dean's knee, one disappeared 3 months ago, and the last one is you guys."

Ryan looked up at her, grinning. "You just wish you were going," he said. "You wanna be the big damn hero."

"What are you talking about?" Tyra asked.

"It's a tag line for a sci-fi tv show," Ryan said, looking down again. "My brother's girlfriend was a fan, she liked the fact that captain of the ship wore really tight pants."

"You have a brother?" Tyra asked, surprised. No one had ever heard anything about Ryan's family except for Sophie Rose.

"Had. Seth died in the middle of it."

"I'm sorry," Tyra said, leaning forward to put an arm around Ryan's shoulders. "Can I... your parents?"

Ryan shook his head. "Last time I saw them... they shoved Soph into my arms and told me to run. We were at the refugee center in Tahoe, and..."

"They showed up."


"I'm sorry," Tyra repeated.

The End

And... bonus gift?

fifimom on December 18th, 2009 03:21 am (UTC)
love and love,thanks.
KLlving_darkness on December 18th, 2009 04:27 am (UTC)
dear Santa,
if the Apocalypse does happen, make sure I'm in this refuge camp.