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20 December 2009 @ 07:41 pm
24 Gifts Of 2009 - Day Twenty - Untitled Snippet (The OC Fic)  
Anti-Taylor... I don't know why I''ve started making her a bitchy whore in my fics... I mostly liked her on the show, especially in Season 4... lol

Ryan balanced his sleeping daughter against chest as he moved around the kitchen, cleaning up after the party that Taylor had thrown and promised to handle 'everything' for. She'd insisted that all he had to do was be there and smile as he stood beside her, like the good little trophy husband she had somehow decided he was. Instead, he'd wound up entertaining her guests for nearly 3 hours when she just plain didn't come home, and when she did get there, it was with Henri Michel by her side, both of them behaving as though that was his rightful place.

"It went wonderfully, don't you think?" Taylor said as she bustled into the kitchen, nearly glowing.

"When'd Henri Michel get into town?" Ryan asked, trying to keep the anger out of his voice for the sake of the toddler in his arms.

"This morning, isn't it great that he came all this way to be here for me?"

"Yeah, great," Ryan said, shifting Lily slightly as he put more dishes in the dishwasher. "And the way he stayed right by your side," he added, glancing over his shoulder to see if she even noticed.

"I know! I really needed his support tonight, and he came through!"

Ryan couldn't stop the incredulous sound that slipped past his lips, and turned to face her. "Seriously, Taylor?"


"What?" Ryan echoed, keeping his voice low, even as the anger, the hurt, leeched into his tone. "Where were you for the first three hours of your party?"

"I was with Henri Michel..."

"With your ex-husband, instead of home, where your current husband was trying to keep your friends, most of whom I've never met and have nothing in common with, entertained."


"You were suppose to be here," Ryan said.

"Henri Michel only comes to town once every few weeks..." Taylor began, then cut herself off.

"What?" Ryan asked. "What?"


"Have you been seeing him, and not telling me about it?"

"Ryan, stop being jealous..."

"If I have no reason to be jealous, why didn't you tell me?" Ryan asked. "Why did I find out because you slipped and mentioned it?"

"Ryan, really, it's just dinner..."

"Where?" Ryan asked.


"Where'd you have dinner?"

"The nice little french place on Renfroe..."

"Which is closed for another month because of a kitchen fire," Ryan said. "Which you should know, since A&C is doing the remodel. Try again, "

Taylor sighed, as though the whole conversation was ridiculous. "We had dinner in his room..."

"You had dinner in the hotel room of your ex-husband, who you've been seeing ever few weeks without telling me, and who you once told me you didn't trust yourself with?" Ryan said. "Wow, Taylor, you're right, I have no reason at all to be upset in the slightest," he concluded, walking out of the room and heading upstairs with Lily.

"Don't walk away from me!" Taylor yelled, causing Lily to stir and whimper.

"I'm putting our daughter to bed before this turns into an arguement, Taylor, because I'd rather she not hear us fighting," Ryan said, turning back towards her.

"Don't use my daughter against me!" Taylor insisted, her voice still too loud.

Ryan's face went stony and he turned away again without a word. Upstairs, he soothed Lily, giving the toddler her stuffed Eyeore and kissing her blonde curls before turning and leaving the rooom, closing the door behind him and pressing his forehead to it for a moment. Finally, he headed back downstairs, only to find Taylor on the phone, speaking French to who Ryan could only guess was Henri Michel. Disgusted, he walked over and grabbed the phone from her hand. "Goodbye, Henri Michel," he said before ending the call and slamming the phone down.


"Your daughter?" Ryan said, his voice low but furious. "Your daughter? You ignore her, you miss her birthday, and Chrismukkah, and her first steps and her first words, but she's your daughter? Screw that, Taylor. You're not a mother, you are an immature little girl who thinks she's a grown up but doesn't want to act like it. I have been here for everything and you haven't! Haven't you noticed that I have to prompt her that your 'mama', she doesn't just say it? You are never here, Taylor, and finally I know why!"

"Why are you being like..."

"Like what? The guy who's tired of being your husband only when it's conveniant for you?" Ryan asked. "When was the last time you played hostess for all of my business associates and I didn't show until three hours later? Oh right, never, because when I say I'll be here, I'm here!"

"I got caught up in..."

"Catching up?" Ryan interjected, lacing the words with meaning.


"Did you have sex with him tonight?"

"That is none of your..."

"God damn it, Taylor! It is my business if you fucking some other guy behind my back!" Ryan snapped. "It is my business," he repeated quieter. "Did you fuck him tonight?"

"Yes," Taylor replied.

Ryan didn't respond for a long moment, then just nodded. "I hope you'll be very happy with Henri Michel."

"What are you..."

"Pack a bag and get the hell out of my house, Taylor."

"Your house?" Taylor said. "Who paid for it while you were struggling?"

Ryan scoffed. "Fine, whatever, we'll leave."

"We?" Taylor said.

"If you think, I'm leaving my daughter with her cheating whore of a mother, you're delusional," Ryan said coldly before turning and heading back upstairs.

The End
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on December 21st, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
Ouch! Poor Ryan! I usually love Taylor, but it's always fun to see an evil!Taylor. I'd love to see what happens next- where does he go? Does he have to fight Taylor for custody? Will Taylor come crawling back when Henri Michel leaves next?

Fun fic, thanks for posting!
finleefinlee on December 21st, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)
Really great snippet. Sorry I haven't commented more often these last couple of weeks. Your stuff is awesome!
60schic60schic on December 21st, 2009 04:18 am (UTC)
Oh, I like this very much! Given this set of circumstances, this is so very much what Tyalor could have been like. And Ryan responses are spot on. Please, yes, continue.
fifimom on December 21st, 2009 05:14 am (UTC)
Poor Ryan. Why can't he find a woman sho deserves him. Love the fiction, thanks.
(Deleted comment)
alluxeraalluxera on December 21st, 2009 05:04 pm (UTC)
I like your snippet very much just as your other stories. Sorry for not commenting regularly.