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24 December 2009 @ 06:08 pm
24 Gifts Of 2009 - Day Twenty Four - Seven Keep Breathing Manips (Multifandom Apocafic)  
Here's the final gift, some maybe spoiler-ish/maybe just a fun way of brainstorming for 'Keep Breathing' manips!

Behind the cut are:
One Peter Petrelli and Jo Harvelle Manip
One Molly Walker and Dean Winchester Manip
One Brooke Davis and Mystery Baby Manip
Four Peter Petrelli/Brooke Davis Manips

So... I was trying to think of who I could possibly at least hint at Peter being romantically involved with. And who came to mind? Brooke! So I made the following Four P/B Manips becuase I sorta love the idea...

Not meant to represent any specific moment just... the cuteness/hotness of Peter/Brooke...

So, my thought is that in this universe, Brooke struggled after high school and ended up working in a bar in New York, where she met Peter and they started dating. This would be a pre-apocalypse moment of them just being cute... maybe Brooke has just said something slightly teasing/mocking tyo peter and he's torn between being annoyed and just kissing her...

Busted! In my mind, Nathan Petrelli just busted in and Brooke's like "Crap, he's gonna tell me boss, I am so fired... shit..." but Peter can tell something is very wrong. And something is wrong because Nathan tells them that all hell has broken lose, and it looks like it might be Evolved Human related (so they assume Sylar... or maybe The Kinda Evil Carnies...)...

Peter loves Brooke, but there's more important things to do right now than just stay with her at the bar, which has managed to become something of a base for the New York Resistance since things started to go bad. Brooke's pissed, but it's more about him refusing to let her come with him than the fact that he's leaving to go to California and get Claire. But Peter loves Brooke, so he wants to protect her. Leaving her behind is a mistake he'll live to regret.

Maybe, on his way to California to find Claire, Peter passes through Nebraska and stops by at the Roadhouse, where Jo assumes "Strange good looking guy just happens to wander in following an apocalypse? He's gotta be evil." and aims the gun... and image how she freaks out when she shoots him and guess what? He gets right back up and heals! Poor Peter, Jo's totally gonna kick his ass thinking he's a new, extra scary, demon that holy water, devil's traps, and exorcisms don't work on AT ALL... he'll probably knock her out with one of his powers, then run... lol...

Dean's prepping weapons for a fight the resistance knows is coming soon, and Molly is trying to help by using an etching of a demon to see if it's nearby. Dean is fuzzy because the world is slightly fading for Molly as she looks, and the expression on Molly's face is because the demon is VERY close.

No clue who the baby might belong to, but... yeah... brooke with a mysterious baby in a concrete room...

Hope everyone enjoyed this year's gifts! Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate, have a Great December 25th!
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