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15 January 2010 @ 06:49 pm
Okay, it's official...  
Sim!Ryan and Sim!Summer have a seriously fucked up Sim!Family...

See, first there was the whole 'Neil Roberts flirted with Sandy AND Kirsten' thing. Then Kirsten flirted back and they got caught by Sandy. Sandy kicked Kirsten out and their marriage ended, allowing Kirsten to marry Neil and eventually have his daughter, Rose Roberts (who has reached the level of 'child').

Then, a while later, the option becomes available for Sandy to 'find a place of his own', and out of curiosity, I selected it, and Sandy moved out. That's right, he left Seth and Ryan, both still at the 'teen' level, to live alone in the house. Brilliant parenting there, huh? Ryan kept studying and cleaning. Seth kept pigging out and WANTING to be popular but failing miserably (NO ONE comes to his parents... he tried flirting with both Rory and Brooke but they turned him down flat...)

Meanwhile, Neil once again fell asleep on the sidewalk, and a disgusted Kirsten made out with Sandy when he wandered by. Neil woke up and caught them, leading Kirsten and Neil to fight, and Kirsten to kick Neil out (but she let Summer stay, of course). She invited Sandy to move in, and they are happily living in sin.

Back with the teens... Seth invited Brooke over, but Brooke and Ryan had instant chemistry. However, even though he kissed Brooke, when he hit adulthood, as had Summer, he asked her to move in, and Seth, who has been a real ass to Ryan, especially since both Rory and Brooke like Ryan more than him, moved out.

Ryan and Summer then became engaged. So, they through a wedding party.

Within 10 seconds of arriving, before Ryan can even give his baby half sister Rose a hug, the girl disappears (literally, there is NO SIGN of her!)... then Sandy and Neil argue, and Sandy walks off to cry. Then Kirsten starts kicking Neil's ass. Ryan finally just decided to go ahead with the wedding vows as Rose is still AWOL, Kirsten and Neil argue (no as kicking at the moment, though) and Sandy DANCES at the stereo!

But literally... Kirsten is standing beside Ryan. Neil is standing beside Summer, and they are yelling at eachother! They paused brieffly as the young couple exchanged rings, but as Ryan and Summer kissed? Kirsten smacked Neil and started yelling again!

And Sandy is STILL dancing across the room... lol
garnigalgarnigal on January 18th, 2010 02:07 am (UTC)
Most white-trash wedding ever. Are Neil and Kirsten trying to be Dawn and Frank? Did you do a personality transplant without warning?
Maramissmara on January 18th, 2010 02:17 am (UTC)
LMAO! I know! And, well, Kirsten DID recently kick Neil out and then ask Sandy to move in the same day (seriously... Sim!Kirsten is kind of a whore... she bounces from one guy to the other constantly! lol)

The funniest part? Ryan and Summer got everyone to leave, and then randomly? after R/S had... ahem... consumated things and were wlaking around int heri underwear eating wedding cake... Sandy walked back into the house, sat on their couch, and started watching TV... even Ryan and Summer gave him a WTF look... lol

But Rose DID call Ryan later and they chatted... lol

I may have more fun to come because I bought myself The Sim 2: Double Deluxe, which has some extra options, including creating BIG families (I currently have the Lehane-Winchesters living in the created town of Diablo Canyon... Dean and Faith are married. They have 3 biological kids (Ella and Johnny are twins, Joey (short for Joanna) is the baby), plus a teenage adoptive daughhter, Katie... and then I had to define a teenage Ryan as being their son because they require it and I couldn't define Ryan as brother to Dean or Faith like I would have preferred... and then Bobby Singer (although with how it's set up he's referred to as Bobby Lehane-Winchester...) is defined as Dean's dad... lol... so a family of 8 can be created all at once... lol... I forget to take a picture of the family before finalizing them, so I can't show a group shot... I can probably recreate them pretty easily, though... especially sicne I downloaded skins for Dean, Faith, and Ryan off a The Sims resource site... lol... I should be able to make some fun little stories siunce Sims 2 even has a function for taking pictures and even video clips of the action...

off track there... yeah... I may actually create a version of Newport in Sims 2 and populate it with versions of The OC characters... no poolhouses, but... oh well... lol
garnigalgarnigal on January 18th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Oh, that's crazy. Post some of the wackiness from the Lehane-Winchesters too - sounds like it'll be insane!