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25 January 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Working on my sncross_bigbang story and I'd like some input for a 'watch list to help me get in the mood...

See, Supernatural and Buffyverse characters are easy to find the 'bad ass' eps for my favs (Dean and Faith, obviously, but also Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Xander, and Spike). It's a little harder for The OC and One Tree Hill...

As an example...

Supernatural Eps
2x02 - Everybody Loves A Clown (First Appearance of The Roadhouse, Ellen, and Jo, and of course Dean going ballistic on the wrecked Impala over his grief having to do with John's death)
2x03 - Bloodlust (I'm considering having Lenore and her band of animal-drinking vamps appear, so I wanna refresh my memory on what she's like...)
2x09 - Croatoan (The Rage Virus: SPN Style! There may be some infected running around and, again, I wanna refresh my memory)
2x20 - What Is And What Should Never Be (I have a vague idea of an interlude that involves multile characters thinking that the whole demons/monsters/apcalypse thing never happened, and I wanna have Dean suspect Djinn because his Alternate Life is similiar to this ep's events, and while he's wrong, I wanna mention specific similiarites)
2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two (Specifically the beginning, with Dean angsting over Sam's death)
3x02 - The Kids Are Alright (I'm considering appearances by Ben and/or Lisa)
3x13 - Ghostfacers (Yes, more humor than kickass, but... I'm kinda picturing a scene where Dean discovers Ed and/or Harry is alive and he's kidna reluctantly thrilled to see them)
3x16 - No Rest For The Wicked (Dean's death kills me, but... since the fic opens with an AU version of his return from Hell? I want a refresher of his final moments)
4x01 - Lazurus Rising (Dean's back from hell! I don't have S4 on DVD yet, but I downloaded the ep specifically to be able to rewatch the opening scenes of Dean's return...)

Buffy Eps
3x01 - Anne (Mostly for Angel's return from Hell at te end of the ep. Just because of randomness... I wanna create an overarcing mythology for thise verse that connects things, even if most of it doesn't make it's way into the story)
3x09 - The Wish (The Not-Quite-But-Almsot-Apocalypticness of the Wishverse)
4x07 - The Initiative (Could provide some inspiration, like maybe my heroes discover an abdoned, but not cement filled Initiative base)
4x16 - Who Are You (Faith's first step towards redemption, though she falters slightly in LA)
4x19 - New Moon Rising (Oz's return after gaining control of his werewolf side... I'm thinking that Dean is supiscious of a werewolf being able to control himself, but Oz proves himself...)
6x01 - Bargaining Part One and Part Two (Buffy's return from the dead... if she appears in the fic, her and Dean are totally gonna discuss digging their way out of graves... lol)
7x18 - Dirty Girls (Faith returns to Sunnydale! And Xander loses his eyes! Which si tragic, but... kinda defining for him later...)
7x22 - Chosen (The final battle against The First...)

One Tree Hill Eps
3x16 - With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Sleep (The deleted/extended scene of Brooke really laying into the bitch reporter. She's so fucking strong in that moment....)
6x02 - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (Brooke in the aftermath of being attacked. She's bent but not broken and she's ready and willing to learn how to fight back)
6x05 - You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It (Haley kicks ass against Crazy Carrie)
6x13 - Things A Mama Don't Know (Brooke kicking X's ass is the ultimate Brooke Kicks Ass Moment.)

4x01 - The Avengers (Ryan's anger and bitterness... I can definitely see Season 4 Ryan kicking ass after an apocalypse...)
4x02 - The Gringos (Same as above, he was still so single minded...)
4x03 - The Cold Turkey (And still, anger, single minded, Ryan Vs. Volchuk)

Anyone wanna suggest 'ultimate bad ass' eps of those four shows? Keep in mind I own Supernatural 1-3, all of Buffy except for S5, OTH 1-6, and all of The OC on DVD. I can download eps from seasons I don't own, but... yeah... lol... I'll probably toss a couple discs of Jericho into the mix (because I may not use the characters, but... the episode with the giant marketplace at the fair grounds? Could totally be inspiring!) and maybe the ep from Season 1 of Sarah Connor Chronicles where we learn some of Derek Reese's backstory...