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02 February 2010 @ 10:26 pm
wtf, coworkers?  
Imagine my surprise this morning when one minute I'm standing there restocking, the next minute I hear from behind me:

"Don't pee on a girl, dude!"

Rewinding a bit, the guys had somehow gotten on the topic of R. Kelly, and how he got in trouble for an... ::ahem:: fetish moment with an underage girl. And one Coworker decided to randomly tell another coworker not to pee on a girl... I'm like 95% sure that the second coworker (The one who's name I replaced with 'dude') was not even involved in the conversation, he just happened to walk over... and was advised not to pee on a girl...

That led to reminders of past odd statements... like the time our head cook held upa container of sauce thickener, a thick white substance, and announced "I've been saving up..." or the time my Coworker K threw her phone at another Coworker's groin and nailed him right in the balls (okay, she didn't throw it so much as it flew out of her hand when she gestured, but I will NEVER let her live it down... lol) or the time I inadvertently told a customer I was high... (They said "Hi, how are you?" without a pause between the two things, and I jsut responded "Hi!" all cheerful and smiling... they didn't notice, but I did and kept cracking up all day... but my boss LOVED the story when I told her...)

I swear, I am THIS close to creating an LJ comm called WTF_Work (or something similiar) and giving it a subtitle of "For When Innapropriate Doesn't Even BEGIN To Cover It..."