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09 February 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Never Again (Chapter Ten)  
last update was April of '09, and this chapter has actua;lly been mostly written for a while... I don't know WHY I never posted it, but... yeah....

Title: Never Again
Author: Mara
Fandom: The OC/One Tree Hill
Rating: R
Warnings: Some violence (Mostly in flashbacks), language, possibly sex
Summary: "You hit me, even once, and I swear to god it'll be the last time you ever lay a finger on me."
Notes: I still need to make a new banner for this one... I had to make one big change to OTH canon just because... well... I wanted to.

Never Again: Chapter Ten

"He's nicely doped up and out cold," Brooke said as she sat down on the coach, pulling her legs up to tuck them under her.

"All tucked in?" Haley teased, handing Brooke a cup of tea.

"Ryan hates being tucked in," Brooke said. "Constricts his movements too much."

"I really don't need to know about Ryan's movements in bed," Haley said, laughing.

"Your loss," Brooke said replied with a grin.

"How is he? Really?" Haley asked, turning serious. "Between the shoulder, and you told me on the phone he saw the former foster parents..."

Brooke sighed. "He's... really stressed out," she admitted. "And I think I made it worse with some news I gave him..."

"What news?" Haley asked. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Brooke said hurriedly. "Better than fine. I'm... I'm gonna be a mom."

"Brooke!" Haley said, putting her own tea down to hug her friend. "I'm so happy for you!"

"We're both completely scared to death, but... Ryan started talking about sticking a crib between our bed and the wall at first, until we can find a bigger place in our price range, and I caught him looking at baby stuff online a couple of times already.... I think he's really happy about it, and so am I, even though we are both kinda freaking out, too..."

"Do you remember those frantic late night calls I made to you senior year?" Haley asked.

"I remember threatening to come kick Nate's ass if you wanted," Brooke agreed.

"We were scared, but... look at how it turned out. Jamie is the best kid we could have ever asked for, and I don't think we've screwed him up that bad."

"You think I can do this?" Brooke asked. "Be a mom?"

"Yeah, I do," Haley said, squeezing Brooke's hand. "You could ressurect 'Baby Brooke' and make a fortune," she added.

"I'll certainly have time," Brooke agreed. "My boss told me I was fired once I started to show, so I went ahead and quit. I don't know what we're gonna do with only one income."

"Ryan's making good money at the restraunt, right?"

"Yeah, but... he shouldn't have to do it alone."

"You, Brooke Davis, have seriously grown up pretty good," Haley said.

"Thanks," Brooke said. "You know, when we were 16, I never thought I could be happy living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with a baby on the way and a boyfriend with a hero complex."

"When we were 16, I never thought I'd ever sit with you having a friendly conversation," Haley replied. "Or do I need to remind you about the whole letter thing at that party?"

"I was kind of a bitch to you, huh?"

"Kind of very," Haley replied. "But I love you anyway, Tigger."


Brooke beamed ear to ear as Jamie ran across the living room to jump into her lap. "If it isn't one of my two favorite guys in the universe!" she said.

"Just one of?" Nathan said as he came over and bent down to kiss Brooke's cheek.

"Hey, you do not compare to my poor injured boyfriend out," Brooke said. "Which if you, Nathan Scott, wake him up, I will hurt you."

Nathan held his hands up in surrender. "Wouldn't dream of it," he said.

"I'll be quiet, too," Jamie promised.

"Sweetie, you're 5, you have an excuse to be noisy," Brooke said. "But your daddy definitely knows better, so I will hurt him."

"Good to know some things never change," Nathan said with a grin.

"How was practice?" Haley asked.

"Q's ego is finally starting to cool down," Nathan said. "So... good."

"Q is so cool," Jamie reported to Brooke.

"Yeah? Is he any good?" Brooke replied.

"He's almost as good as Daddy and Uncle Lucas," Jamie said.

"Wow, that's pretty good," Brooke said. "Better would be if he was as good as your Daddy and Uncle Lucas think they are," she added with a grin.

"You never change," Nathan said, amused.

"And you love me for it, Nate," Brooke replied. "And you'll love me more when I tell you that you'll soon be Uncle Nate," she added.

"What?" Nathan said.

"Are you having a baby?" Jamie asked, his face lighting up.

"Yeah, we are, kiddo," Brooke said, hugging her godson. "And I'll bet you are gonna be the bestest cousin ever."

"Yeah!" Jamie agreed quickly nodding.

The sound of a cellphone quietly ringing came form the guest room and Brooke hurriedly moved Jamie off her lap so she could go grab it before Ryan woke up, but he must have gotten to it first because it got quiet again. "Damn it," she said to herself as she continued to the guest room and opened the door. "I should have turned that off."

Ryan glanced up, looking worn out, and shrugged with his uninjured shoulder. "Cara, I'm in North Carolina, I can't come tell the racist idiots to leave," he said. "No, I really don't think that John told you to call me and get me to come down... because he knows I'm in North Carolina for the next two weeks. Because I've been planning this trip for months to surprise my girlfriend, and everyone knows about it? Well, if he's right there, let me talk to him, then." Ryan rolled his eyes, sighing, as he stood, pacing. "John, what... yeah, I figured that much. Listen, you've dealt with these guys, just tell them to get out or you're calling the cops. Well, they've been told not to come back after the whole 'tried to jump me out back' incident, so we have every right to refuse service and call the cops if they refuse to leave. It's trespassing and harassment.... just call the cops, it's the safest thing. Yeah, call Paulie when we hang up, then tell the guys to get out, and if they don't leave, call the cops... Okay. Yeah, let me know what happens, alright? Yeah, I was, but it's fine. If I sleep too much now I'll never sleep tonight. I'll talk to you soon, see you in a couple weeks," he concluded, ending the call.

"Who's giving them trouble?" Brooke asked.

"The skinheads are back," Ryan said, rolling his eyes.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow," Ryan said as he headed out the back, still counting his tips and wondering if he had enough to take Brooke out to dinner.

"If it isn't Mr. Morals."

Ryan groaned and stuffed the cash into his pocket. "Seriously? You waited out back for me?" he asked, turning to face the guys who'd been giving John and Jessie a hard time earlier, one for being gay, the other for being black. "A little junior high, don't you think?" he continued, heading for his jeep.

"You made us look like idiots!"

"No, you did that all by yourself," Ryan replied.

"Shut your mouth," one of the guys said.

"Wow, now you're channelling a little old lady, I'm impressed," Ryan said. "Look, you chose to go into the restraunt. You chose to insult two of my coworkers, who happen to be two of the hardest workers we have. You chose to keep it up until we kicked your pathetic racist asses out. And you chose to behave like a trio of 14 year-olds and wait to jump me out back. So, seriously, you think you can dispute being idiots?"

"I'm gonna kick your ass..."

"What's going on out here?" Paulie's voice rang out as he came out.

Ryan raised an eyebrow at how intimidating Paulie managed to look, and tried to hide his smirk as the guys took off. "Wow, they were scary," Ryan commented, rolling his eyes.

"What the hell was that about?"

"Those are the idiots that had Jessie in tears before you got here," Ryan explained. "They're just... idiots. I kicked them out, so they waited to jump me."

Paulie frowned, keep an eye on the truck as it pulled out. "You shouldn't antagonize people like that, Ryan, it could get you hurt," he said.

"Paulie... I used to have this girlfriend, Theresa, and she got pregnant. Her and me were gonna have a kid. And when I run into people like that, all I can think is... what would they have said about Theresa? What would they have said about my kid?"

"What happened to the girl and the kid?"

"Miscarriage," Ryan said. "And then she left the state." He shrugged. "It was a while ago. But... people like that... they get to me."

"If they come again, they're banned," Paulie said. "And I expect you to call me to deal with them."

"Alright," Ryan agreed. "But seriously, Paulie..."

"You're getting your life together, you've got a girl who's over the moon for you, you're working on getting another raise," Paulie listed. "Don't go messing it up by pissing off a bunch of idiots."

"Alright, I'll be more careful," Ryan said.

"Go see your girl," Paulie said.

"Thanks," Ryan said, getting into the jeep.

"Those guys need their asses kicked," Brooke said, moving to wrap her arms around Ryan's middle, carefully of his arm. "I meant to turn off your phone," she added.

"Like I told John, if I sleep too much now, I won't be able to tonight."

Brooke nodded. "Well, Nathan and Jamie are home, if you wanna come hang out."

"Sounds good," Ryan agreed.

When they headed out to the living room, Nathan was grinning. "So, we hear congratulations are in order."

"I couldn't keep quiet," Brooke admitted.

"Didn't expect you to," Ryan replied. "Thanks, man," he added to Nathan. "Just tell me, is it normal to be completely terrified?"

"I still think I'm gonna completely mess up Jamie," Nathan said. "I haven't yet, though."

"Good to know," Ryan said.

"Are you feeling better?" Jamie asked from the couch.

"I'm feeling fine, Jamie," Ryan replied, going over to sit down next to the boy. "A little sore, but nothing that bad."

"But you got shot," Jamie said. "People die when they get shot."

"Sometimes," Ryan admitted. "But I was shot in the shoulder, and I got lucky, it didn't hit anything really important."

"Yes it did!" Jamie protested. "It hit you, and you are really important to Brooke."

Brooke sat down on Jamie's other side. "Ryan just means that it... it didn't cause too much damage. He'll be better pretty soon."

"Like Uncle Keith did?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah, buddy, like Uncle Keith," Nathan said. "By the way, we ran into Keith at the Rivercourt, he and Karen are gonna stop by with Lily tonight."

"Great!" Brooke said, letting out a little squeal. "I can't wait for you to meet them, Ryan, because Keith and Karen? Are the only people in the world more awesome than Tutorwife and Nate."

"Jamie, go get washed up for dinner, okay?" Haley said. "I'm making spaghetti."

"Anything I can do to..." Ryan began, only to find Brooke's hand clamping down over his mouth.

"Nuh-uh, you are going to sit right here until dinner is ready, then you will sit and eat, and then you will not even try to offer to help with dishes because you, Ryan Atwood, are recoveirng from being shot and need to relax," she scolded.

Ryan pulled his head back. "Cooking relaxes me!" he protested.

"You are sitting and resting," Brooke repeated.

"Dude, you are so screwed," Nathan says. "You're not even married and she's... Ow! Haley!"

Ryan and Brooke both burst out laughing as Haley smacked Nathan's shoulder. "Dude, you don't say something like that in front of your wife," Ryan replied, laughing.

"It was a joke!" Nathan said.

"It wasn't a funny one," Haley replied. "Thank you for the offer, Ryan, but you should rest, I can handle it."

"Maybe if you're good Brooke will let you watch Haley cook before you guys leave," Nathan joked, quickly leaving the room to check on Jamie and avoid another swat from Haley.

"If you think you can do it one handed, you can make your famous blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow," Brooke told Ryan.

"You just want the pancakes," Ryan said, laughing. "Regardless of whether I can handle it."

"Well of course I want them, they're good!" Brooke said. "But if it'll jar your shoulder..."

"It won't," Ryan promised. "I promise."

"Good, because I want your pancakes," Brooke said.

To Be Continued...

The change to OTH Canon is that Keith Scott, Nathan and Lucas' uncle, survived being shot by his brother (N&L's father) Dan Scott. In this universe, Keith survived and Dan went to jail for attempted murderer. Keith and Karen got married and raised their baby girl, Lily Scott, together in Tree Hill. So 'Lily' in this fic refers to their daughter.
waiting65 on February 13th, 2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the update. I really enjoy this story.
ocmissocmiss on February 15th, 2010 07:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much for this new chapter, loved it!
(Anonymous) on August 18th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
I stumbled on to this fic and I have to say its great !
steve_ski: Ryan_Gsteve_ski on March 11th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Read your post about the new chapter so had to come find the story....Really like it...Can't wait to see if the Cohens figure out how to make it up to Ryan... Can see any one of the three making the first connection and bringing him back to the other two