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20 February 2010 @ 11:47 pm
So, I stumbled across (Via a post on 'Emails From Crazy People') a messageboard posting about people who believe New Zealand used to be on the North West coast of Australia and was right up against it, as well as that the two were VERY far from any other land masses. The theory this group has is that they all sliped from one reality into another, and it was NW in their original reality.

Now, I'm not judging. Maybe they did (I believe it might be possible, could explain some of the still unsolved disappearances where two people said goodbye on the middle of a block. One turns away and then turns back, and the other has vanished and is never seen again). I think some of them are sounding a little bat shit crazy, though.

Anyway, my point is, it's kind of an interesting read, makes ideas pop into my head (Someone who firmly remembers things one way, but one day they realize things are suddenly different and no one else remembers the other way)... I like reading the out there stuff sometimes for exactly that reason, my brain starts developing fiction ideas... a lot of the out there stuff I think is just crazy (Anyway ever visited the sites run by people who score the Nasa pics of the Moon and Mars for 'Ruins' and 'Technological Artifacts'?! I usually can't see ANYTHING they're insisting is there... but from a sci-fi fan POV? OMFG ideas! lol)

Here's the link to the first page (of 40!) if anyone wants to check it out...
Shocking: New Zealand and Australia are out of their place on the map

What's funniest is that there's tons of members of the site, which seems (I haven''t poked around much so I'm not positive) to be a Conspiracy Theory site, that think the thread is crazy and should be deleted... lol