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28 February 2010 @ 12:56 pm
I dropped out of sncross_bigbang because I have no focus to do a challenge right now. There's nothing new about Daddy really, but he IS stable now, at least enough for them to do some additional tests. As of yesterday afternoon, we know his kidneys are like super enlarged but no one knows why. He was apparently talking about leaving the hospital and going home today, but... uh... hell no. He's also trying to insist that when he's released he'll go home instead of staying with my aunt like the rest of the family wants. Next time I talk to him, I'm gonna try to guilt him into staying with my aunt by saying it would make *ME* feel better to know he was with her for a few days...

I may post more little ficlets (like the four that are linked to from here. If you bookmark, bookmark that entry because the links will change) this week. I've got a couple little random ideas I can do short stuff for. Might make for a brief distraction.