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19 March 2010 @ 10:47 pm
So, there's this awesome Zombie Apocalypse Graphic Novel that I've been reading... I actually used part of the tax refund to buy all the volumes I didn't have yet because OMFG it is AWESOME! The series is called 'The Walking Dead', and it was created by write Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore.

My 'Apocalypse - Grave At Sunset' icon comes from cover art for TWD... and while they aren't uploaded, I have like 3 or 4 other icons madde form TWD cover art...

The series follows Sheriff Rick Grimes who was shot in the line of duty and ended up in a coma. Reminscent of '28 Days Later', Rick wakes up to find a Zombie Apocalypse in progress.

Anyway, between TWD and the fact that the 2004 'Dawn Of The Dead' remake is on TV tonight? I am SO in Zombie Apocalypse mood... and it's been a while since I wrote genuine Zombies... You guys may get some fresh Zombie ApocaFic soon...

heh... fresh zombies... lol...

The Walking Dead Links:
Official Website (The first issue is available to read online)
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