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24 March 2010 @ 11:24 pm
In the last hour, I've written 1,075 words for my Apocalyptothon fic. I still need to figure out an ending, and I hope the prompter doesn't mind a downer 'They are probably all gonna die pretty soon' ending because pretty much that's the only way this fic CAN end... but I sorta love it anyway and it is, yet again, a fandom I haven't written fic for previously... Apocalyptothon does that to me, makes me write new fandoms and new styles...

First time I did it, I wrote Slash for the first time (SGA/Eureka crossover, Sheppard/McKay pairing). It was a pinch hit, and I still love that fic.

Second time? My first (and so far only) Firefly fic. I kinda love my River-Voice in that fic...

Third time? Bones fic AND Bones/Angel The Series fic! (Angela/Zack pairing for the first one, no pairing on the second)

This time? Well, I don't wanna give away anything, since only a few people offered prompts with this fandom. But... it's my first time writing the fandom, even though I love it, and... I kinda love this fic. I just hope the prompter loves it, too... lol