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02 April 2010 @ 09:38 pm
I gotta take a picture of it, but... today I bought a stuffed bunny for $5 bucks that I will loving be calling 'Wabbit'. But I will also be calling it 'Mutant Bunny' and 'Brain Damage Bunny' because... well... it's got teeth like a frickin' beaver, and one eye is all popped up while the other is like sunken down and from straight ahead, the second eye is almost entirely hidden by the thing's nose and Wabbit just looks freaky as hell... but it's SO soft and I couldn't resist the poor mutated bunny as he sat lonely on the shelf with his normal siblings feeling shunned... I love Wabbit...

In other news, I'm watching the first season of Southland on DVD... the pilot is just as good the third time around (Original airing, TNT repeat, and now) as the first... CCooper is such a jackass, but I love him... and poor Ben just has such a 'WTF did I get myself into with this guy?' look on his face for half the episode... lol