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29 April 2010 @ 10:44 pm
This is why I need to start thinking about it this early...  
The more I think on my Vampire NaNo idea? The less I think I can make it work...

Now I'm thinking of trying a Post-Apocalyptic story this year... Last year's apocalyptic fic served me well until mid-november when I faltered and never caught up. But part of that was because I decided on a story on october 31st and did no research or planning ahead of time... I also had no clue whatsoever about how it would end.

Maybe with some research work done ahead of time, I can actually have it well plotted out by the time I start writing... or at least have a clue where I'm going with it.

anyway... I've got no exact clue for NaNo afterall... lol... I still like my Vampire Manips I did, though... lol

Edit: Me and my big mouth... last night I had this little snippet of a dream that could make an excellent scene for near the end of the Vampire idea... I'll have to think on it some more...