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07 May 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Crossover Pairings  
So... I've been thinking about Crossover Pairings a lot lately... and there's a lot of them I think would be interestiong. Some I've read fics for, some I don't know if anyone else has considered, some were suggested to me by others.

Behind the cut is a list of Crossover Pairings and notes on why I think they could be interesting... Starting with the ones I've actually written before...

Ryan Atwood/Brooke Davis (The OC/One Tree Hill)
You guys know I love them, and probably know why I think they'd rock, but... I think the biggest reason they would work is that I think they both want the same things: to love someone and to be loved by them in return, to have a family, to be better parents theirs were. Brooke could get Ryan to relax and have fun but still hold him if that's what he needed, Ryan would support Brooke when she needed someone to lean on but at the same time encourage her to stand on her own. For onece, maybe Ryan could be the rescued instead of the rescuer, and Brooke could save the day for someone.

Ryan Atwood/Chuck Bass (The OC/Gossip Girl)
They'd balance eachother. Ryan would force Chuck to actually show his humanity, Chuck would bring out Ryan's devious side. I can picture Ryan setting out to destroy Jack Bass (Chuck's uncle) after the whole thing this season with Jack stealing the hotel from Chuck. And (while it doesn't fit into the 'Beautiful World' universe), I can picture a meeting between Chuck and a 4 year-old Sophie Rose, who is very picky about who's 'allowed' to date Ryan, and she basically interrogates Chuck, and he's uncomfortable at first, but he starts to kind of adore Ryan's baby sister.

Dean Winchester/Faith Lehane (Supernatural/Buffyverse)
They both like sex, booze, and kicking evil butt. Match made in a demon infested world, right? I can actually picture a scene where Dean meets Buffy first, and he thinks she's hot, but she starts getting kinda annoying with the 'I'm the leader Slayer!' bit, then he meets Faith and while there's the same 'She's hot!' thoughts at first, they are backed up by her awesome kick ass-ness. I can see Faith totally adoring Bobby, and him getting a kick out of her... I can also see Faith and Dean, a decade or two in the future, with a couple kids, but still going out to kick ass...

Ryan Atwood/Kristina Davis-Corinthos (The OC/General Hospital)
There's just something about the idea that I fell in love with. Ryan could completely handle dating the daughter of a DA and a Mobster, and Kristina needs a nice guy boyfriend who would never hit her. I can see Ryan chatting with Molly (Kris' younger sister) about science, and Molly adoring him because he actually understands what she's talking about and no one ever seems to understand it... lol...

Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
They're both smart guys who were looked down on by people who didn't even try to know them. Jess needs someone who doesn't jump to conclusions about him, Ryan needs someone who isn't constantly falling in love with someone else. Like with Ryan/Chuck, I can see Ryan bringing out Jess' softer side, and Jess bringing out Ryan's snarky side.

Jess Mariano/Summer Roberts (Gilmore Girls/The OC)
Kick ass meets kick ass. Jess would adore Summer's innate ability to be sweetly bitchy... Summer would love that Jess doesn't expect her to instantly love all the stuff he does, and doesn't put her up on a pedastal, because he doesn't need perfect, he just needs someone who loves him.

Lucky Spencer/Brooke Davis (General Hospital/One Tree Hill)
Something about them just makes me love the idea of them. Brooke wouldn't cheat on Lucky by sleeping with his brother. Lucky wouldn't cheat on Brooke with her best friend. Brooke could easily fall for a guy who was as good of a dad as Lucky is to kids that aren't even his by blood. Lucky could totally understand Brooke's heartache at not being able to have kids that are hers by blood. I can actually see Maxie setting them up, because she can see that Brooke is exactly who Lucky needs.

Ryan Atwood/Erin Silver (The OC/90210)
I don't know why, but... I love the idea of Ryan and Silver. They could be awesome. Silver is the kind of free spirit that Ryan needs because the snotty rich girls cause him to much trouble, and Ryan could be the stability that Silver needs, willing to stand by her if she started struggling with her Bipolar Disorder again. I have this mental image of Silver initially being maybe a little intimidated by Marissa, who seems so perfect and has so much history with Ryan, but then she find sout more details of the history and realizes that the relationship was really unhealthy for Ryan, and she winds up fighting with Marissa, maybe shoving her into a pool... ooh... or Silver is classy about it and walks aware, but Naomi isn't so classy and shoves Marissa into the pool in defense of Silver...

There's more, a lot more, but... I'm totally spacing who... lol
KLlving_darkness on May 8th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
KRISTIAN AND RYAN FOR THE WIN, FOR THE WIN, FOR THE WIN. I can't ship them hard enough. And like, He could be there for her when Sunny tries to kill people, you know. And then when Sunny hurts Ryan, because Sunny is mentally insane and cra-cra, Kristina can be all no you didn't, and Sandy can be like, I'mma gonna sue you, and Caleb!! can come and be like, hells to the no.
and i really hate Sunny right now, btdubs. And Ryan!! he could be such a positive influence on Morgan. because he has the worst big brother ever right now.

the end.

OHS! if you are still tinkering with crossovers, how about Southland and the OC. where they're smoking hot brothers. and save one another...and where people love to read about them. and they were left being like, heyyy what happenes next.
dogsbody01 on May 19th, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
I love your pairings.Although,I have an idea, for one, which just popped into my head:
Ryan Atwood/Lindsey Willows(The OC/CSI)
Lindsey, could start out dating Ryan, to get a rise out of her mom,but it ends up a case of true love.Having had cretins, like Frank and Eddie, respectively for dads;could be something,they would both relate to.Plus throw in the fact,that Trey's in Vegas,there could be a story;where Trey is arrested as a suspect, in a crime; and the conflict of interest,if Catherine is the lead investigator.Not to mention,can you just imagine Willows meeting Julie?
Think about it.
Maramissmara on May 19th, 2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
That could be epicly awesome... Maybe Catherine doesn't even realize that trey and Ryan are related (Atwood isn't THAT unusual of a last name, she might jsut think it's a weird coincidence...) but then Ryan shows up, having got Trey a lawyer because while he may never forgive Trey fully, he knows that Trey wouldn't have done this particular crime... maybe killed a kid, or a pregnant girl... ooh...

Maybe Ryan and Trey have tentively renewed contact, just phone calls... and Trey had a girlfriend he was serious about, and she was pregnant and he was excited about it, Ryan KNOWS he was looking forward to being a dad... but the girlfriend was killed and Trey is a suspect and Ryan knows he didn't do it because of how excited he was, so he gets trey a Lawyer and comes to Vegas and what do you know? He runs right into the lead CSI on the case, and Catherine and Ryan know eachother because Catherine went to see Lindsey at college and they had dinner with Ryan... and Catherine starts looking deeper into Trey's record because she couldn't find one for Ryan (His juvenile record would have been sealed/expunged when he hit 18... at best she might know there was a record, but not what was in it) and that makes her worry about Lindsey...

Ahem... yeah, now my mind is running... lol...
dogsbody01 on May 27th, 2010 05:06 pm (UTC)
Me thinks, that you like this little plot bunny?
Maramissmara on May 27th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
Maybe just a tiny bit... lol...