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24 June 2010 @ 07:55 am
The Follow Through (Chapter Eleven) - Sequel To 'The Unexpected'  
Another one I like...

The Follow Through - Chapter Eleven

"So, here it is," Ryan said later that night as he led Trey into his room.

"Nice," Trey said, looking around. "You've got it made, kid."

"Don't mess it up, Trey," Ryan asked. "Please."

"I wouldn't do that..." Trey began. "Not again."

"I wanna believe that," Ryan said. "I really do, but..."

"I'm not a guy known for keeping his promises," Trey said, understanding. "But I doubt I could do anything to ruin this for you, Ry. These people... they all love you."

Ryan smiled. "Yeah, they put up with all my crap, so..."

"What crap is that?" Trey asked. "You're like Mr. Perfect Son now."

"Last Thanksgiving? I disappeared for a week. Didn't tell anyone where I was going. They had the police out looking for me."


"Me and Seth had this stupid misunderstanding, and I was upset, so... I took off. I went to Theresa's, in Chino. Spent a week being drunk almost non-stop. Then Summer flew back from New York, and she remembered me telling her about how I always used to run to Theresa, and she showed up and convinced me to come home."

"Why didn't you marry this girl years ago?"

"It's complicated, but we broke up after high school. We didn't get back together until Thanksgiving," Ryan said. "But I don't intend to ever let her go again."

"Good, cause if you did, I'd have to beat the crap out of you."

"How comforting," Ryan said, laughing. "Remember when you caught me with Lisa?"

"I damn near broke your head open," Trey replied. "She was my girl..."

"You called her a tramp 6 hours before and said she was trash!"

"So? Trash is my type."

Ryan sat down and leaned against the bed, laughing. "I guess my type is rich girls who suffer from rage blackouts."

"What the hell are rage blackouts?" Trey asked, sitting next to Ryan on the floor.

"It's her way of excusing whatever she says or does while totally pissed off," Ryan said, laughing. "She says she has a rage blackout, and it means she's not responsible. Not that she's had one in a long time."

"You sure know how to pick 'em, little brother," Trey said, shaking his head.

"Hey, I picked the perfect one this time," Ryan said, smiling. "And it's the last girl I will ever choose."

"You're hooked," Trey said with a snort.

"Let's put it this way, Trey. I spent over an hour arguing with a contractor about how the ballet studio in Summer and I's house could not be removed from the plans."

"You're kidding?" Trey asked.

Ryan shook his head. "Nope. Summer wants a ballet studio, so she can dance again, even if only at home. So there's gonna be one."

"That's just pathetic, Ry. You're not even married to her yet and you're whipped."

"Or maybe I just know that the key thing to making sure I keep the girl, is making sure I keep her happy," Ryan replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Good point," Trey acknowledged.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of someone crying downstairs. Both guys got up to find out what was going on, and Ryan's expression darkened when they saw Hailey was crying on Kirsten's shoulder. "What's wrong?" he asked as he ran down the stairs.

"Jimmy kissed Julie," Kirsten said, looking up from comforting Hailey.

"Whoa," Seth said.

Ryan took the last few steps in a single leap and grabbed for his jacket. "Damn it."

"Where are you going, Ryan?" Seth asked.

"I'm gonna kick Jimmy's ass, that's where I'm going!" Ryan said. "He cheated on my aunt with that bitch, I'm not about to let that go!"

"He's not worth it," Hailey said, lifting her head and wiping her face. "Besides, Julie decked him."

"Julie decked him?" Kirsten asked, surprised.

"Apparently she really does love Dad."

"This place is way too complicated," Trey said.

"Hailey, meet my brother Trey Atwood," Ryan said. "Trey, this is Hailey Nichols..."

"My sister," Kirsten explained. "And Julie is my father's wife, who also happens to be Marissa's mother. And Jimmy is Marissa's father and..."

"And my ex-boyfriend," Hailey said. "Nice to meet you, Trey."

"You too," Trey said. "Except, you know, the exact way sucks."

"You're telling me," Hailey said. "I just need a guys suck so let's pig out night," she added to Kirsten.

"Totally," Summer said from the doorway. "We have got tons of ice cream, and some cans of frosting. Let's get started."

"Should the men currently in this house hide?" Seth asked warily.

"Just stay upstairs and you'll be safe," Kirsten said.

"I think it's air mattress time," Ryan said resignedly.

"Ry, if there's an air mattress, then you just keep your bed, I'll take it," Trey said.

"You sure?" Ryan asked.

"I'm betting you gotta work tomorrow?" Trey asked.


"Then I'm sure."

"See, that's a way I think anyone would definitely say you are the better brother to Ryan," Seth said Trey. "I would have made him take the air mattress."

"You used to all the time, Seth. Remember when Hailey was staying with us and The Nana came to visit? I was stuck with the air mattress. When The Nana came senior year? I volunteered to let her have my room, and got stuck with the air mattress..."

"Well, I'm stuck with it this time," Trey said, grinning.


"No wonder you hate that thing," Trey muttered to Ryan the next morning as he woke up to find his brother already dressed and clipping on a tie.

"Told you," Ryan said, grinning.

"Look at you, all business like," Trey continued as he took in the light blue button down shirt, black slacks, and black tie. "Clip on?"

"I never could figure out how to tie it. Dad's tried a million times, but..."

"I'm glad you've got them, Ry," Trey said. "And I know you, you're feeling bad about calling them 'Mom' and 'Dad' around me. Don't, I've been here like 12 hours, most of that asleep, and I know they're better to you than Dawn and Will ever were."

"They told me when they adopted me that I could still see Dawn and Will if I wanted to, and I could definitely still see you," Ryan said softly.

"They're good people."

"I think they were glad when I told them I wanted nothing to do with Dawn ever again."

"So am I," Trey said. "She's bad news and you know it."

"Do you remember Cindy?" Ryan asked, and by the look on Trey's face he knew his brother did.

"Yeah," Trey said. "Why?"

"They don't know about her. Summer, Seth, and Marissa do, I told them years ago. But Mom and Dad don't. I want to keep it that way."

"Okay, but... it might be in your file, Ryan. You know that one social worker suspected it."

"Mom's never seen more than the first few pages of my file," Ryan said. "Dad won't let her see the more detailed reports. He doesn't want those things in her head anymore than I do. So just..."

"I won't tell them," Trey promised. "I noticed Seth's a little..."

"Loud mouthed?" Ryan supplied, smiling. "Yeah, he is, but he knows better than to say anything. Summer and Marissa would kick his ass before I even got the chance."

"I like Summer," Trey said. "She makes you happy."

Ryan couldn't help smiling more. "Yeah, she does. When she's not driving me crazy. And even then I love her."

"Totally whipped," Trey said, stretching and getting up just as the door opened, revealing a worried looking Seth.

"What now?' Ryan asked.

"The gruesome twosome and Marissa just pulled up," Seth replied. "Followed by Jimmy."

"Oh crap," Ryan said,

"Gruesome twosome?" Trey asked.

"Grandpa and Julie," Seth replied. "Trust me, it's accurate."

"Crap," Trey said, agreeing with Ryan, as all three guys left the room to head downstairs.

"How bad could this be?" Trey asked.

"Well... Grandpa kinda already dislikes Jimmy... and Julie and Hailey have gotten in cat fights before... and Marissa..." Seth began.

"If Marissa gets too upset me and Seth are gonna kick Jimmy's ass," Ryan said. "Wanna help?"

"I'm in," Trey agreed.

"You kissed my wife?!" Caleb roared from downstairs.

"After we stop Grandpa from killing him," Ryan added.

When they got downstairs, they found Sandy trying to restrain Caleb and Jimmy trying to talk to Marissa who was ignoring him and staring into space. "ENOUGH!" Ryan bellowed, sounding surprisingly like Caleb as he got everyone to quiet down. He shot a glare at Jimmy, then took the lead to check on Marissa. "Marissa? You okay?" he asked quietly, glancing at Summer to silently ask what she thought.

"I'm fine, Ryan," Marissa said. "Just ignoring my father. Don't worry."

"Good," Ryan said, gladly letting Seth put an arm around her to take her into another room. Once he heard the door to the patio close, he turned on Jimmy. "What the hell is wrong with you, Cooper?" he asked. "First, you were dating my Aunt, but you go and kiss your ex-wife, who's happily remarried? What kinda idiot are you?"

"This isn't any of your business, Ryan," Jimmy said.

"Let me repeat, you were dating my aunt," Ryan said. "That alone made it my business. Then, you kissed my grandpa's wife, another thing that makes it my business... by the way, nice shiner you gave him, Julie. Right hook?"

"Yup," Julie agreed, enjoying watching Jimmy get reamed out by Ryan.

"And third, Cooper, Marissa is one of my best friends, and you saw what looked like her zoning out, and you kept harassing her like that. Do you want to risk making her take a slip back and start drinking and self medicating again? Because I swear, if that happens, I will hurt you. And not Newport style one punch and that's it. I will hurt you Chino style which means beating you into the ground. Do you understand me?"

Silence met Ryan's threat, as everyone saw he meant it. Finally, Kirsten spoke up. "Get out, Jimmy."

"Not until I check on Marissa..."

"Marissa will be fine," Ryan said. "We'll make sure of that. While we also make sure Hailey's fine. Now get the hell out before I make you get out."

Jimmy took a step towards the back of the house, but Trey moved in front of him. "Don't piss any of us off, man. You'll regret it," Trey said, staring him down until Jimmy turned and left. "Yeah, that guys an ass," Trey concluded.

"Not a newsflash," Ryan replied, running a hand through his hair. "I haven't threatened anyone like that in years..."

"I think it was well deserved," Caleb said, still fuming. "And who is this?" he added, gesturing at Trey.

"Trey Atwood," Ryan said, proud of Trey for stepping in to help. "My brother."

"Trey's staying here for a while," Kirsten said.

"Don't look like that, Grandpa," Seth said. "Trey's a good guy."

Caleb rolled his eyes at his grandson and extended a hand to Trey. "Nice to meet you, young man."

"You too, Mr. Nichols," Trey replied.

"Why are you guys here so early, Grandpa?" Ryan asked, trying to straighten his tie and only succeeding in pulling it right off.

"Haven't you learned to tie a tie yet, boy?" Caleb asked, half amused and half exasperated.

"That's the real reason he's marrying me," Summer joked as she went to Ryan and pulled the clip on from his hand. "So I can do it for him."

"Nah, that's just a bonus," Ryan replied, giving her a quick kiss. "Morning," he said.

"Morning," Summer replied. "I'll go get one of your real ones."

"Thank you," Ryan replied as she headed upstairs.

"I'm here because I had to remove Frank Logan from building your house," Caleb said. "The man called me first thing this morning to complain about you refusing to change the plans for the house. It's ridiculous, contractors do not argue with the architect, especially when he's also the owner."

"Who are you going to put on it then?" Ryan asked. "Because we only have 3 months until the wedding. And I want Summer and I to be able to move in as soon as we're back from our honeymoon. There isn't time for delays, and..."

"Ed Mitchell," Caleb said, interrupting. "I know that's who you wanted to begin with, and he's free now, I already called him and he agreed. Though he just finished the hotel yesterday and wants his crew to have a day off before starting this."

"One day is okay, good," Ryan said, calming down.

"Dad, Trey's looking for work and has construction experience," Kirsten said. "I plan on asking Ed if he'll give Trey an interview."

"I'm sure he'll agree," Caleb said. "He is a few men short."

"A half dozen of his guys pitched in together to buy lottery tickets, and they won 16 million," Ryan explained. "Quit the next day."

"Here," Summer said as she returned, grabbing Ryan's collar to slip the tie on. "I should just like pre-tie all of them, so that all you gotta do is slip it over your head, straighten it around the collar, and tighten."

"I'd still mess it up," Ryan said, closing his eyes as she leaned in to make sure it was straight and his collar was perfect. "So you should probably just plan on always helping me."

Summer rolled her eyes and smacked his stomach. "Watch it, Chino, or I'll leave a great big huge lipstick mark on your cheek. And it's waterproof, so it'll take hours of scrubbing to get rid of it."

"That happened to him in 6th grade," Trey said. "Theresa stole her mom's lipstick and planted a huge one on his cheek because he'd told her that she didn't count as a girl."

"She did the same to you for laughing," Ryan replied. "Just my luck, his friend's thought he'd hooked up with some babe that morning and he get cheers, while all my classmates for some reason were sure it was from Dawn, so I got ridiculed all day."

"What about when you were in 9th, when we were both working construction for Bill?" Trey asked. "That was Dawn, but everyone was convinced you'd hooked up with a babe that morning, while everyone thought I'd hooked up with Bill's daughter, which almost got me fired."

To Be Continued...

I have serious issues with Canon!Trey, but for some reason I always wanna write him as being kinda Awesome-But-Stupid... at least, 'stupid' in terms of how he keeps doing stupid things. My Trey for sure, and I think Canon!Trey too, aren't really stupid, they just... do really stupid things... My Trey at least tends to do most of his stupid things for good reasons... lol...
(Anonymous) on June 24th, 2010 03:30 pm (UTC)
Great chapter. I just hope that Trey doesn't ruin anything while in Newport.

As for Jimmy, I would like to see him get threatened some more.