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02 July 2010 @ 06:39 pm
Epic Re-Read Time!  
I'm about to embark on a re-read of my all time favorite 'General Hospital' fanfic, the epic and awesome Extended Family by Mymzee.

If the show itself was more like this fic? The ratings would be better and fans would be happier... Yes, Sonny is a main character, but there's OTHER main characters, too, and they all get screentime!

+There's genuine, honest, true to real life conflict that causes issues between Sonny and Carly, instead of crazy crap. No random skanks coming between them constantly. No Carly wanting a 'safe' life without the mob.

+Lucky's got a kick ass girl who... well... kicks ass! Like dangles from ten story buildings by her fingertips kicks ass! And she can be a huge bitch sometimes, even to Lucky, but she's awesome because she doesn't pretend to be a saint, and the author doesn't try to make her into a saint.

+The WSB are in the story MAJORLY! Scorpios are in it, Frisco appears (I think... it's been a while since I reread the thing and it's epically awesomely massively long... lol)

+Marcus Taggert is a main character! I MISS Taggert, damn it! Imagine the awesome on the show if Taggert came back from wherever he's been and he wound up being partnered with Lucky, who he used to always hassle? And with JJ back as Lucky, it would be so damn good...

+Robin Scorpio... how to put this... in EF, she is Batshit crazy and it's awesome. I mean, I love Robin (Although not as much lately... if you're married with a young child? You should discuss major plans that will take you out of the country for weeks with your spouse before deciding to do them!) but Crazy!Robin in EF? Is awesome! She's delusional, she's bitchy, and yet? She still kinda saves the day at one point... lol

+Lucy Coe is in it! I'd call her a secondary character, but she's there and she and Carly are awesome as Frenemies!

In conclusion? Extended Family is awesome and I am excited to re-read! lol

+All the NextGen kids!