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11 July 2010 @ 12:47 am
The Follow Through (Chapter Thirteen) - Sequel To 'The Unexpected'  
I suck for forgetting to push for... well... a long damn time... lol...

The Follow Through - Chapter Thirteen

On the morning of August 18th, 3 days before the wedding, Summer disappeared with only a note left on the pool house bed saying she was sorry, but the pressure was too much, she knew she would mess up the wedding and she couldn't do that to Ryan.

"It's just cold feet," Kirsten said as she sat beside Ryan on his bed. "She'll be back soon and I'm sure she'll feel bad about upsetting you..."

"Mom..." Ryan said, shaking his head. "I'm not gonna wait for her to come back..."


"I'm gonna go find her and we'll talk this out," Ryan continued. "I know she's just scared, and... I know she'll come back once we talk."

"What can I do?" Kirsten asked.

"Just keep the plans going on schedule," Ryan said. "But... can you try to talk Julie and that damn planner out of some of the stuff they want? They've taken control, and I'm sure that's one of the problems."

"What do you want instead?"

"Summer's gotta have a lily for her hair, she has to, that's what she wants, not damn perfect white roses."

"She wanted yellow roses, too, right?" Kirsten asked.

"Yeah, for the bridesmaids bouquets and the groomsmen's buttonholes."

"I will get at least one yellow rose per person, but I'll try for more."

"Thanks, mom," Ryan said as he stood. "I need to pack a bag..."

"You know where she went, don't you?" Kirsten asked.

"I have a pretty good idea..."

"Ryan..." Kirsten began, suspicious.

"She's so stressed out, and she just... she needs some time away..."

"This was planned?" Kirsten asked. "For you both to take some time away?"

The Night Before

Ryan was sitting on the bed in the pool house trying to get a few moments peace to do some work while the insanity of the last minute wedding preparation inside the main house. The door was thrown open and he groaned in irritation, expecting someone to ask him another stupid question.

"Chino, we're eloping," Summer said as she slammed the door shut.

"What?" Ryan asked, looking up.

"Julie Cooper-Nichols and her damn wedding planner have completely taken over everything!" Summer continued, close to tears. "Last week, they bought bridesmaids dresses without consulting me at all. Without even consulting Coop or Hailey, and they ARE the bridesmaids!"


"And now... they intercepted my dress and say that it's entirely inappropriate because it's not as elegant as the bridesmaid dresses, so I have to wear some horrible ugly thing that is totally not me, and not what I wanted..."


"And they changed the flower order from lilies and yellow roses to all white roses!"

"Summer!" Ryan finally had to raise his voice so she'd pay attention. "Why are you letting them control anything? This is your wedding..."

"It's OUR wedding, and you're not doing anything at all!"

"Because I don't care how we get married, I just want to marry you. It can be in front of 300 hundred guests in a damn tux with you in some elegant gown or married by Elvis in Vegas with us both in jeans! As long as I marry you, I'm happy," Ryan said. "You never let anyone tell you what to do, why are you suddenly letting them?"

Summer sat down on the bed, tears starting to fall. "I just want it all to be perfect," she said. "And I don't want it to be tacky or anything, and Julie says..."

"Who the hell cares what Julie says?" Ryan interrupted. "It's Julie."

Summer sniffled, but smiled slightly. "Yeah, but..."

"No buts," Ryan insisted, moving over to cradle her face in his hands and kiss her. "I love you, Summer. I love the girl who suffers rage blackouts. The one who throws egg rolls at people who annoy her. I love the girl who argued with me in the rain, then refused to forgive me until I smiled and laughed. And this is that girl's wedding, and no one should control it but her."

"It's too late to change the flowers," Summer said. "And I wanted lilies and yellow roses."


"My grandma loved lilies, and they're my favorite, too."

"And the roses?"

"Don't you remember? You sent me a bouquet of them once. They mean friendship, and that's how we began."

"Yeah, it is," Ryan said, pushing a strand of her behind her ear. "Well, Miss Roberts, I will make sure you have lilies and yellow roses at our wedding. Okay?"

"You think Elvis would mind?"

"What?" Ryan asked.

"You said you wouldn't care if we got married by Elvis in Vegas," Summer reminded him. "And I told you we were eloping..."

"Summer... Mom will slaughter me if we elope."

"We can... we can pretend I took off, cold feet, and then you come looking for me, and we meet in Vegas and get married our way, and then we come back and say that we worked out my doubts, and get married again in the big ceremony here with everyone watching. No one has to know we're already married."

"You really wanna get married without anyone we love there?" Ryan asked.

"They'll see us get married," Summer said. "Just... without any of the pressure."


"Julie and the planner are making this a huge event, and what if I trip going down the aisle? Or what if I totally flub the vows?"

"You won't..."

"Not if I don't have to worry about ruining our wedding day, because it won't be our real wedding day."

Ryan smiled softly and kissed her. "How about tomorrow I find a note from you saying you can't do this and you're sorry?"

"And you act all upset, then follow me later tomorrow."

"Yeah, I get myself together and decide I'm not gonna just let you go," Ryan agreed, smiling. "Which I wouldn't. So Vegas it is."

"To be married by Elvis."

"In jeans?" Ryan asked.

"Yup," Summer said, giggling slightly. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Ryan hesitated, then finally nodded. "48 hours. We'll be back the night before the wedding."


"I know, but... she's on the verge of killing Julie. And I'm going crazy trying to get the house finished, and I actually had to either go over to Trey's apartment or go out to the pool house to work the last few weeks because it was too full of people and noise in here... We both need a break from all things related to this wedding or work, except for each other."

"I'll cover," Kirsten said. "You went to hunt her down and try to fix things. But Ryan, please try and get back sooner than 48 hours."

"I know where I'm meeting her, we'll relax, have some fun, then come back, I promise," Ryan said.


"Thanks, Mom," Ryan said, pulling his bag out of his closet and holding it up. "I packed last night."

"Hurry back, honey."

To Be Continued...
(Anonymous) on July 11th, 2010 02:25 pm (UTC)
Where is the Summer that has rage blackouts and would treaten to stab someone with a fork !? I really want to see her yell at Julie and that wedding planner.

As for them 'going away' and eloping, Summer is right about it taking a lot of pressure off of them, but I am curious to see what would happen if the rest of the family found out about it.
(Anonymous) on July 11th, 2010 09:27 pm (UTC)
Great idea... I thought it fit very well within their characters. Looking forward to more.