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18 November 2010 @ 08:37 pm
So, what I'm planning for my new fic project is a series of ficlets about different characters all over the world dealing with the apocalypse... behind the cut are the characters I currently have an interest in writing a ficlet about... some of the fandoms are Apocalypse regulars, at least for me, but some are a little more unusual (Seriously... Soap Opera Characters dealing with the apocalypse... lol) as well as the locations they are in when the apocalypse begins...

Lucky Spencer - Port Charles, New York ("General Hospital")
Matt Hunter - Port Charles, New York ("General Hospital")
Chuck Bass - New York, New York ("Gossip Girl")
Danny Messer - New York, New York ("CSI: New York")
Rachel Berry - New York, New York ("Glee")
Angela Montenegro - Washington, D.C. ("Bones")
Jack Hodgins - Washington, D.C. ("Bones"
Seeley Booth - Washington, D.C. ("Bones")
JJ Jareau - Quantico, Virginia ("Criminal Minds")
Damon Salvatore - Mystic Falls, Virginia ("The Vampire Diaries")
Jess Mariano - Stars Hollow, Connecticut ("Gilmore Girls")
Bo Buchanan - Llanview, Pennsylvania ("One Life To Live")
Rex Balsom - Llanview, Pennsylvania ("One Life To Live")
Brooke Davis - Tree Hill, North Carolina ("One Tree Hill")
Faith Lehane - Cleveland, Ohio ("Buffy" and "Angel")
Colleen Carlton - Genoa City, Wisconsin ("The Young & The Restless", as she was played by Lyndsy Fonseca)
Lucy Montgomery - Oakdale, Illinois ("As The World Turns", as she was played by Peyton List)
Bobby Singer - Sioux Falls, South Dakota ("Supernatural")
Jo Harvelle - Outside Olin, Nebraska ("Supernatural")
Ray Barnett - Baton Rouge, Louisiana ("ER")
Dean Winchester - Evergreen, Colorado ("Supernatural")
Tyra Collette - Dillon, Texas ("Friday Night Lights")
Nick Stokes - Las Vegas, Nevada ("CSI")
Trey Atwood - Las Vegas, Nevada ("The OC")
Jo Lupo - Eureka, Oregan ("Eureka")
Ryan Atwood - Berkeley, California ("The OC")
Christian Troy - Los Angeles, California ("Nip/Tuck")
Derek Reese - Los Angeles, California ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles")
Don Eppes - Los Angeles, California ("Numb3rs")
Naomi Clark - Los Angeles, California ("90210")
Justin Walker - Pasadena, California ("Brothers & Sisters")
Kaitlin Cooper - Newport Beach, California ("The OC")
Kona 'Kono' Kalakaua - Honolulu, Hawaii ("Hawaii Five-0")
Brenda Barrett - Rome, Italy ("General Hospital")
John Sheppard - Atlantis, Pegasus Galaxy ("Stargate: Atlantis")

Some of the stories will be gut wrenching and possibly gory, some will be humorous...

Damon Salvatore is the only hope a band of humans have against the zombies...

Rachel Berry finds her Broadway stardom cut short by the apocalypse...

Ryan Atwood realizes that there's worse things than a roommate who locks him out all night...

John Sheppard has to keep Atlantis going despite the knowledge that they may never go home...

Chuck Bass finds that saving people is may be just as rewarding as sex and power...

Trey Atwood finds redemption by protecting people trapped in a casino as things go to hell...

JJ Jareau struggles to keep survivors calm at an FBI safehouse turned refugee camp...

And obviously a lot more stories...

If there's any other characters from fandoms you guys know I know, feel free to suggest... since it's all gonna be ficlets (and some/most characters will get multiple ficlets set at different times) I'll even try some characters I'm not quite as familiar with as long as I somewhat know them... that doesn't mean I'll write all suggestions, but I'll add them to the possible list...