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03 December 2010 @ 03:34 pm
24 Gifts Of 2010 - Day Three - Food (ApocaFic, The Vampire Diaries)  
Wanted to get this out before LJ goes down for maintenance, in case I forget later.

So, I've been working on this project for a little while, and eventually it will have TONS of one shots from various fandoms that all take place at different points during a Zombie Apocalypse. This is my favorite so far, I think.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)
Characters: Damon
Time: Five months after the initial outbreak.


Damon Salvatore - Mystic Falls, Virginia - June 23rd

He tells himself that he only does this, only goes out and walks through the stumbling masses of rotting flesh, because if he wants to keep eating he needs to keep the humans alive. He doesn't give a damn about them as people, only as his own food source, and as long as one or another of them is willing to cut open a vein and drain a cup of fresh blood at least once a day, he's willing to go out and get them whatever food he can find on the rapidly emptying shelves in Mystic Falls. That's what Damon tells himself, anyway.

He ignores the fact that he wanders the house at night, checking the barricades and sticking his head into the inside rooms where the youngest kids sleep as the older ones keep watch from the upper floors. He pretends that he doesn't worry that Bonnie is going to completely lose her mind if she keeps trying to force visions so she can find Elena, pretends that he doesn't occasionally force her to snap out of her trances and eat something, drink some water, sleep. He acts like he doesn't know what people are talking about when they ask where the kids learned whatever card game they were playing or whatever slightly modified drinking songs they're singing.

He tells himself, and insists to all of them, that he's just keeping them alive so he'll have a food source.

They all, everyone holed up in the Salvatore mansion waiting for a rescue that will never come and slowly dying as the food runs out, know it's a baldfaced lie.

The simple fact is, Damon doesn't want to see anyone else die. Not like they've been dying over the last 5 months. He knows that if Stefan was there, he'd be the one playing hero to these people, protecting them and getting them food, and the simple fact that Stefan isn't there is enough for Damon to know his brother is well and truly dead. Elena was probably gone, too, since Bonnie'd had no luck finding her friend.

Damon could only hope that Katherine was gone, escaped town before things went completely to hell if he was lucky, dead if he was really lucky, and that she wouldn't come after his people. He didn't want to have to kill her, he didn't want the people in the house to see him kill her because if he did, he'd make sure it hurt, make sure she suffered for everything she's done. For all the pain she caused and all the chances for happiness that she destroyed leading up to hell on earth.

In the meantime, he breaks down a door of yet another house with dead owners, the noise catching the attention of several of the shambling beings, that start towards him. Rolling his eyes and stepping inside, the two formerly trapped homeowners attack him, and while he smashes the man's skull against the doorframe, the woman manages to bite down into his shoulder. He grabs her and swings her away, feeling his skin tear, and smashes her head against the wall, wincing slightly as a black ooze that was once blood squishes out onto his hand.

He doesn't bother with the door, not scared of further attacks because no the creatures outside have caught a good wiff of him, they know he's dead flesh like they are, just not rotting. He's not the tasty little snack they're looking for, so they don't particularly care about him. He stops in a bathrom long enough to wrap a makeshift bandage around his shoulder, hoping it'll be enough to stop the bleeding until someone can don gloves and clean the wound so it'll heal good as new, then he goes to work clearing the kitchen and pantry of anything and everything edible. It's enough to last them all a day or two, long enough for his arm to heal enough to not cause any problems if he runs into trouble.

And then he gets to start the cycle over again, all for the people he doesn't really give a damn about at all.

The End