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04 December 2010 @ 06:07 pm
24 Gifts Of 2010 - Day Four - Let Go For Once (Ryan/Alex)  
AU Ryan/Alex, taking place sometime after the disastrous Ryan/Alex and Seth/Lindsay double date, but before Seth and Alex became a genuine 'item'. It ended up with some ranting and some melancholy, but it's also got some nice flirting going on... lol

"He really knows how to charm a girl," Alex said to Ryan as she found him sitting at the bar. "First he goes on and on about how 'over' his ex-girlfriend he is, and now he's ditched me to try to get into her pants."

"You should have seen what it took to get her to talk to him this much," Ryan replied. "It was... painful."

Alex smiled and refilled Ryan's soda. "So, how'd you get talked into tagging along with him tonight?"

"How'd you?" Ryan countered.

"He made it sound like fun," Alex said. "I don't really get to just relax and see a band play. I'm usually working and can't just stop and listen. And he made it seem like he was doing you a huge favor, which I now believe is complete bull."

"He begged me to be his wing man, pretend to be depressed about my ex so he'll have an excuse to be here," Ryan said, nodding. "Seth's not so good with the whole 'honesty' thing. Or maybe he actually believed his own hyperbole, since he seems to think I'm miserable without my ex."

"Bad break up?"

"I caught her making out with another guy like 6 hours after she told me she was still single and wanted to get back together."

"Ouch. And I thought catching my ex flirting with some random chick was harsh," Alex said. "Did you ex try the 'well, you didn't pay enough attention!' angle?"

"No, she pulled the 'you left, what was I suppose to do, wait?' angle, which is funny since before I left, she promised me she would wait. 3 months later, and she's screwing the yard guy."

"Sweet girl."

"I saved her life when she od'ed," Ryan said. "I put myself in the path of a gun to protect her from this crazy guy she'd made friends with. I did everything I could to protect her from knowing that another ex-boyfriend of hers was screwing her mom. And this is what I get for my trouble. She dumps me for some guy who's probably just thinking of how cool it is to be screwing his boss' daughter."

"Ex-girlfriends suck," Alex agreed. She looked over at where Seth seemed to making headway with Summer, and rolled her eyes. "You wanna get out of here?"

"Yeah," Ryan agreed quickly.


"So, she just told you not to bother coming back?" Alex asked as she pulled her keys out of her pocket and unlocked her door.

"Pretty much, yeah," Ryan said. "And then everyone keeps acting like I should just be relieved and get on with my life. My kid died, and they expect me not to feel anything."

"You should do what I do," Alex said as she finally got the door open and led him inside, dropping the bag that held she and Ryan's burgers and fries onto the makeshift coffee table and dropping down onto her couch.

"What's that?" Ryan asked, sitting down beside her.

"Stop giving a damn what they want. Feel what you want to feel and do what you want to do."

"Easier said than done," Ryan said with a sigh.

"Then tell me how you really feel. For once let it go."

Ryan was quiet for a long moment before speaking. "I hate Theresa. I hate her for showing up in Newport because she knew I wouldn't just let it go once I knew Eddie was hitting her. I hate her for coming to me when she found out she was pregnant. I hate her for letting me give up everything I had here to go back to Chino with her. I hate her for manipulating me so damn much into having so little contact with Cohens and for resenting it when Sandy came to see me. I hate her for not letting me go home to her after the miscarriage. And I hate Sandy and Kirsten for not stopping me from leaving, and for only coming to see me because I was their last hope to get Seth back. I hate that I can never be as important to them as he is, because they are so much more important to me than my biological parents."

"Feel better?"

"Yeah, I think I do," Ryan said, offering her a smile.

"Now if only you could tell them all that stuff, huh?"

"I never would," Ryan said. "I couldn't hurt them like that."

"You are sickeningly nice," Alex said.

"It's a curse," Ryan agreed.

Alex laughed. "You need to work on your taste in music, but... since the idiot ditched both of us, how about you finish stealing his date?"

Ryan hesitated, then leaned in, kissing her. For a moment, he thought he'd misread her comment, then she kissed him back.


Ryan didn't get back to the Cohens until late, and judging by the fact that the lights were all off, he figured everyone else was asleep already and bypassed the main house, going straight to the pool house instead. Sure enough, no one was out there either, and Ryan sighed, almost wishing that Sandy or Kirsten were waiting to ground him for staying out so late, and for bailing on Seth.

But they weren't, so he tried to think about Alex instead, and the fact that she was picking him up after school tomorrow and he was gonna help her at the Baitshop while she tried to 'get him some taste in music', as she'd mockingly told him. It was something to do, something that could be fun, and definitely something to look forward to.

The End
60schic60schic on December 15th, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
Love Ryan's rant. Says all the things we were all thinking at the time.
(Anonymous) on February 1st, 2012 07:21 am (UTC)
This is a great idea. I always did think Alex would fit better with Ryan than Seth or Marissa. Is there any more in this universe, cuz I would kind of like to Alex get mad at Marissa when she shows up at the Baitshop and finds Ryan with Alex, then tries to start something.