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21 December 2010 @ 10:33 pm
24 Gifts Of 2010 - Day Twenty One - Orange Hill - 1x01 - Mad World  
Unfortunately, Youtube butchered the quality. But episode one of Orange Hill is now up on Youtube!

Behind the cut is the embedded ep, a more detailed summary of the episode events than in the Youtube description, and a link to download. The downloadable one is better quality video.

Orange Hill - 1x01 - Mad World
Download Orange Hill - 1x01 - Mad World

As Chuck receives a mysterious phone call, a Gossip Girl blast goes out revealing that Ryan Clark has unexpectedly returned to town a year after his suicide attempt. Ryan's twin sister, Naomi is worried that he's not ready to deal with the whispers and rumors, while their former friend Blair is worried for more selfish reasons. Chuck's call is revealed to be from Ryan.

Naomi goes to tell her best friend, and Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Brooke that he's back, only to catch her in bed with Lucas, one of Ryan's most hated enemies. Naomi warns them both to stay away from Ryan or she'll make them suffer.

Ryan and Chuck meet up and when Chuck asks what Ryan remembers about the night of his overdose, Ryan admits to recently remembering that he woke up and didn't understand why the pills and alcohol were there, and he thinks someone else was in the room with him. Chuck is bothered by the news, and when Ryan asks for help getting answers, Chuck agrees.

Lucas calls Serena to tell her the news, and she's instantly worried.

Naomi approaches Silver, who has a reputation for spreading malicious rumors about people, and begs her not to do so about Ryan, expressing concern for Ryan's mental stability. Disgusted, Silver reminds Naomi that she and Ryan were friends, and she would never hurt a friend like that.

Blair goes to Lily trying to press her for information since Lily is friends with Ryan and Naomi's mom, Kirsten, but doesn't get far because of Lily's distress over the news that Ryan is back.

Ryan talks to a lawyer, Sandy, that had been helping him look into a few things before his overdose. Ryan admits that his memories of their previous contact were sketchy at best and he isn't even sure why he had hired Sandy in the first place. Sandy explains that Ryan had found some suspicious paperwork in his late father's desk and had hired Sandy to look into it for him. Sandy then provides Ryan with an envelope that he says contains a lot of the answers he'd been looking for, but it might raise some more questions.

Serena and Blair meet, and Serena tries to sweet talk her ex-friend, but Blair isn't having any of it and directly blames Serena for Ryan's overdose, and threatens to expose her. Serena responds that Blair is just as guilty, and that if she goes down, Blair will go down with her, which leaves Blair worried.

Ryan reads the information in the envelope, unsure what to make of what's in it, as Serena gets a mysterious text from somone, revealed to be Nate, claiming to know everything she's done and threatening to tell.