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02 January 2011 @ 08:27 pm
Fandom New Year's Resolutions  
Just thought I'd make a list for my own reference... these are the Fandom related thinks I wanna do this year.

1. Finish 'Breathe' (Volchak raped Ryan), 'Never Again' (Alcoholic Sandy, Ryan/Brooke), 'Good Enough' (The OC/Brothers & Sisters), 'Beautiful World' (The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan/Chuck), and 'Don't Matter If I Bleed' (The OC/Southland, Ryan is Ben's younger brother)

2. Finally write a full length The OC/Criminal Minds crossover that actually utilizes the CM characters properly.
2b. I will consider this fullfilled if I write either of the following: The OC/Numb3rs, or The OC/CSI (either Las Vegas or New York), but I really want to write The OC/CM.

3. Participate in a Bing Bang for one of my fandoms. This is probably the least likely to happen, since the one I would most like to participate in? Is apparently dead. Bah.

4. Particpate in Apocalyptothon as usual, and complete the fic as usual. Punch hit if needed, again as usual.

5. Manage to keep up with making and posting eps of 'Orange Hill'.

6. Write more in the 'Lyrical' series of random ficlets inspired by songs/lyrics. I had a lot of fun when I did that, so I need to come up with some themes and lists of songs (feel free to suggest themes and/or songs! I don't make promises of writing fics to them, but I'll give it a shot!).

I reserve the right to add resolutions as the year goes on, but I won't remove any, only strike them through in part or whole when/if I fullfill them.