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04 January 2011 @ 04:46 pm
I was trying to polish up Chapter 2 of 'Don't Matter If I Bleed' (The OC/Southland crossover, Ryan is Ben's little brother) and I couldn't remember the names of Ben's sisters, let alone their ages, so I went to look at Ben's bio on the official TNT site and... oops...

According to TNT, Ben is 22... he's gotta be at least 25 in DMIIB, since he was 10 when Frank and his cronies broke into the Sherman house, beat up Ben, raped the mom, and in my fic kidnapped Ryan, who was 4. Now, in DMIIB, Ryan is mentioned as being a freshman at UCLA, and it's been about 15 or 16 years since the kidnapping, making Ryan at least 19, closing in on 20. So... lol... oops...

But hey, the ages of the sisters (Olivia and Chloe) work pretty well for the idea in my head, though I will need to rewatch Olivia's appearances before I try to write her, I don't think Chloe's actually appeared on screen, but if I'm wrong, please correct me?

According to TNT, Olivia is 22 and Chloe is 19... I may age Olivia up to still be the same age as Ben (it's like 2 years, so nothing hugely big)... so I have two ways I might go with this:

1. Ben and Ryan had no clue they had sisters, and Olivia and Chloe had no clue they had brothers, until sometime after the kidnapping, maybe not until Olivia was 12 or 13, and the girls still don't know Ryan exists because Ben Sr. asked Ben not to tell them because it would 'upset them'. Ben didn't want to do that, so he agreed for their sake. So they find out about Ryan now, and they either roll with it that Dad had his reasons for not telling them/wanting Ben to tell them, or they get pissed at Dad for hiding their other brother from them. Or maybe one sister goes one way and the other goes the other way.

2. The all knew about each other's existences, and may or may not have actually met prior to the kidnapping. But the girls know they have another brother, even if it was pretty much believed he was dead. Chloe is pretty much the same age as Ryan (give or take a few months), so she may or may not remember him if they ever did meet, but Olivia would definitely remember her baby brother existed, even if they didn't actually meet. Maybe that's why she seemed to be encouraging Ben to patch things up with their dad back in Season 1, she didn't want what was left of their family to be as fractured, even if it would never be whole...

Any preference on what you guys would prefer to see? I'm a bit torn on which would be better... either way could cause some drama and 'fun'...

Either way, eventually the rest of the Shermans, mom, dad, sisters, will eventually appear in the fic... I'll probably post Chapter two by the end of the week, I wanna rewatch some more eps before then, because at this point it seems like so long ago (Chapter 1 was posted back in March 2010..) and it's been just long enough since I've watched an ep/worked on the fic that I'm unsure of my characterization for them in it... so... yeah, I'm somewhat on track to be able to fullfil my resolution of completing it this year... lol
steve_skisteve_ski on January 5th, 2011 03:52 am (UTC)
Since "Daddy" was such a dick he probably kept the two families very separate early on so its entirely possible that each set of kids didn't know about the other......
oc_gambit2oc_gambit2 on January 5th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
I have no preference which way you take it *nudging muses your direction!* ; D Just very pleased you're revisiting this idea, it's one of my favorites. And don't sweat the ages stuff, you're already AU. You can 'tweak' them slightly however best fits, even if you opt to generally track canon [except of course for Ryan's existence *hee*]

I think your slightly older Ben Sherman works fine, I'd have guessed at least 23 or 24 in canon [since I haven't been obsessive with this show- yet!]

I'm pretty sure both sisters were at the disastrous dinner with dad, as well as the date they fixed him up for Ben....probably no more than a second or two screentime, the way they shoot this show-
Maramissmara on January 5th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
Yeah, I certainly think I'm gonna tweak Olivia's age up just a bit, but keep Chloe as about the same age as Ryan, because that adds an element of Ben Sr. being an ass... it means that everytime he got Ben and Ryan's mom pregnant, he went and got his mistress pregnant too... lol... I mean hell, Ben and Olivia are the same age in canon, so that means that Ben Sr. MUST have cheated sometime within a year of Ben's birth...

Yeah, I just assumed he was mid twenties... but hey, about 2 or 3 years off isn't bad considering... lol

I just looked at IMDB and Chloe WAS in "Butch & Sundance" (according to IMDB that's the only ep she appeared in, they may have intended one of the girls at the table in the disastrous dinner with dad ep to be Chloe, there's no one credited as Chloe for that one) in Season 2, and omg... the actress that played her? Is the same one that now plays Ivy on 90210! lol That's kinda weird to discover... but good because that means I can picture her and mentally 'hear' her voice while writing, which helps me when it's a character with canon appearances... or even with original characters, hence the reason I tend to 'cast' people in my original roles... lol

I'll make sure to watch the eps Olivia and Chloe appeared in before I have them appear in the fic, but since I plan to marathon the first two seasons, that should be easy... lol
(Anonymous) on January 5th, 2011 07:53 am (UTC)
either version would be really good. I havent really watched southland but i did see the scene when ben was out with his sister and her friends and it was ivy from 90210 (i love recognizing people from other things). it will be interesting to see your take on her and whether or not your incorporate some of her 90210 character into the mix to develop it more. cant wait to see how you write the girls and plan on watching the show to get caught up