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11 January 2011 @ 09:04 pm
Southland - 3x02 - Live Review  
Still caring most about Sherman, Cooper, and Lydia. But since there's mixed partners this ep, Dewey turns up tons in this review...

Again, written as I watched, so... it's kinda rambling...

Oh God, Dewey's back... joy... Hee... Lydia hitting Dewey in the Pre-scene... lol...

LMAO! John's grin as he spots Ben making out with the red head... lol...

I love C. Thomas Howell, but I really wish Dewey WASN'T back. I wanna smack the guy like ALL the time. Poor John having to work with him...

Poor Ben, Chickie is gonna be worse than John about the red head... oh God... don't tell me... 'Sally' does this all the time with picking up cops... lmao... good choice, Ben.

Speaking of smacking people? I kinda wanna smack Sal most of the time, too.

Oh god... Dewey needs to not sing. Ever. Poor, poor, John. Seriously, is Dewey trying to tell John how to be a good cop? Seriously? The guy who nearly killed his partner at the end of the first season? Why the fuck did they let him still be a cop? Is the LAPD that desperate for uniforms? I'm betting that Dewey's gonna piss off and offend everyone they see today... fuck... how many people are in that car?! Okay, I can see why he asked them all to get out of the car... that many people all squeezed in is... odd... Dewey is more obnoxious sober than he was before. Is it wrong that I wish he'd fall off the wagon just so he'd be marginally less obnoxious?

Dewey makes me wanna bang my head against a brick wall. And I think John wants to beat Dewey's head against a brick wall... lol... LMFAO! His girlfriend... his wife... and his other girlfriend? Yeah, this guy deserves the humiliation... but damn... superglue? Yikes...

Okay... Josie is kinda growing on me...

LMAO! Ben's redhead! LMAO! Ben is NEVER gonna live this down... omfg... dude... your blow up doll kicked your ass... and Ben's face as he's playing along with the guy's crazy...

I love Sammy and Nate... "Once you go brown you stick around..." "I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."

I'm... wavering on Josie. But I wanna kick Sal's ass for being a jerk to Sammy and Nate... He's an asshole. And Josie is being a bitch to them, so... I'm hating her again.

Oh god... poor Ben... he looks so embarrassed to find out that Sally's gotten around... poor, poor, poor Ben. But he brought it on himself by hooking up with someone he pulled over. John is gonna hurt Dewey by the end of the day... and God... Sally even hooked up with Dewey? Run, Ben, run.

Fuck... please let that little boy we just saw be okay... if they don't say one way or another, I'm assuming the little boy is fine for the sake of my own sanity.

Okay, Josie gets a few more points with me again. And as much as I love him, Sammy deserves the verbal smack down.

Fuck, that was the little boy in the car... shit... I wish they had just not referenced the boy again... Yeah, confirmed, the little boy is dead... god that breaks my heart... Sal's gonna be a bigger asshole now... oh, he's actually not... okay, I'm a little less annoyed with him.

I want someone to hit Dewey. Oh... that's right, Lydia hits him... YAY! This is why I love Lydia... I love how even when they aren't working together, Ben and John are working in unison, Ben restraining Lydia and John shoving Dewey back... I hope John hits Dewey, too. He's a fucking sexist asshole... LMAO! John grabbing Ben and running! SO damn funny! Dewey so deserves it, too... but I feel for poor Chickie... kinda... she shoulda known John would do that if the opportunity came up... I'll bet the second she saw Dewey she knew what John was gonna do... lol

I hope the catch the SOB that killed the mom and little boy... LMAO! I was wondering about the chair when Nate pulled it away from the fence...

That's scary that Dewey used to be more like Ben... I don't want Ben to ever end up that fucked up. Damn... whenever John and Ben do something dangerous I worry so damn much.... I love this show, but I don't trust it with my boys... lol... And Ben chasing after the second guy on his own, getting so far from John... I get more worried for them both... hee... but Ben got to bust the bad guy! :D

I love Lydia for pointing out the insanity of shooting up a birthday party for the sake of a churchgoing husband and father, and Josie for pointing out that "You shot a kid, asshole."

LMAO... John is the only one without a Sally story... and Ben is still going off with Sally again... I love the boy... lol

Oh shit... that is not what Sammy wanted to come home to... fuck... did that bitch cheat on him? If that kid is his, I hope Sammy kicks her ass to the curb, and gets custody. If it's not, I hope he still kicks her ass to the curb. I really and truly hate her.

Editted: I meant to check before I hit 'post' but... I kept thinking Sally looked familiar... it's Stacy Haiduk! That makes me so damn happy because I have adored her for... god... 17 years! Since she played Lt. Commander Katie Hitchcock on the first season of SeaQuest back in 1993... She was in my very first fandom when I was 10 years old!

I'd love it if, at some point, they had like a season long villian, like we see them getting closer and closer to catching the bad guy who keeps just barely managing to get out of it... and then a big finale with them finally catching the guy... Unfortunately, with such short seasons, it's unlikely they'd do it, too little time to slowly build the tension... but maybe if Southland keeps getting good ratings for TNT, it'll start making longer seasons? I hope, I hope? lol
60schic: Sherman has no pants60schic on January 12th, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
I hope Sammy kicks her ass to the curb - lmao b/c those were my exact words as the credits rolled. I sort of liked Tammi for the comic relief before this, but not anymore. Could you just feel how devastated Sammy was?

Now, I'm a little confused about the name Sally, since episode 1.04 was "Sally in the Alley" and that was referencing a hooker...a dead one, but a hooker nonetheless. And IMHO PorscheCougar is a skanky ho. So is her name really Sally?
I like Josie. She may be brassy but she's got balls.
Maramissmara on January 12th, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
LMAO! She had her moments in the first season, though she was so painfully dumb at times that she annoyed me, but the dislike grew and grew... poor Sammy...

I know, I kept thinking about that ep, too, and it is weird, but they kept calling her 'Sally' through out the episode, so I assume it's her name... Unfortunately, while I was able to find the actress on IMDB (I thought I recognized her, and sure enough who I thought it was is indeed listed as being in last weeks ep), they don't list a character name... I guess if Ben keeps hooking up with her we might get it confirmed eventually... but as much as I love the actress, I hope he stops hooking up with her soon... because she IS a skanky ho... she slept with Dewey for god's sake...

Josie is kinda growing on me... I may end up liking her after another ep or two...
zbyszkozbyszko on January 12th, 2011 04:35 am (UTC)
LMFAO! His girlfriend... his wife... and his other girlfriend? Yeah, this guy deserves the humiliation... but damn... superglue? Yikes...

Hee, they moved a crime from small town Wisconsin to LA. That actually happened near the town I used to live in. : )
Maramissmara on January 12th, 2011 04:37 am (UTC)
LMAO! I'm not surprised that it actually happened... but I'm sure similar things have happened all across the US, because people (both men and women) are jackasses who do stupid stuff... lol...
zbyszkozbyszko on January 12th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
I mainly remember the case because a friend's daughter was quoted in the newspaper as the assistant DA on the case and it made me feel really old as I remember going to her bat mitzvah. : )
Alaohioala19 on January 12th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
i just came across this cause i did i search for southland since i love ben mckenzie on it and miss the OC, anyway i get worried too everytime cooper and ben run after bad guys on their own cause you know one day that's going to go wrong, anyway, i loved what you wrote and was reading some of your fics which are fantastic, i hope you do more southland fic
alluxera: Ben&Johnalluxera on January 12th, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)
I love reading your live reviews. I still have to watch the new episode, but it helps me to understand.