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18 January 2011 @ 09:02 pm
Southland - 3x03 - Live Review  
As usual, Ben and John get the most attention, Lydia gets some attention, too.

Oh damn, Ben... don't get thrown through windows!

Good for Sammy not staying in the house with Tammi, although i think the bitch should be the one getting kicked out... although that would punish the innocent baby, so... oh, poor Nate, Sammy salting his game... lol

Ben is so sweet, checking up on his mom, and making sure she's paying the bills... and worrying about her when he finds out the son of bitch who attacked them when he was a kid is out of jail...

Oh God... that is kinda... horrifying... that Lydia's mom is asking her about sex stuff... LMAO at Russel saying he always did what Lydia said...

Oh Ben... don't go after the son of bitch... and I think if Ben told John the real reason for the call, that it was about the SOB who attacked Ben and his mom, John would be a little more understanding... not much, but a little. And I love John for letting the poor guy go this time. He can be a gigantic asshole, but he's a good guy.

LMAO! "If we ever have to do press on a case, I'll do all the talking." I love Lydia... I wanna smack Josie again. I'm sorry, you do the fucking DNA test on tissue jammed in a chainsaw, because since there's no fur, it's most likely human tissue. And even if someone isn't dead? They're probably hurt pretty damn bad.

Oh Ben... sweetie... John's gonna kick your ass when he finds out your lying to him... and you'll deserve it... I'm torn, I both want and don't want Ben to kick this son of a bitch's ass. I want him to because the guy deserves it, but I don't because I don't want him to get in trouble.

Josie's pissing me off still. Lydia was right to test the tissue.

I feel for Sammy, but yelling and screaming at Tammi isn't gonna do any good.

Tell him the truth, Ben. John will calm down some if you just tell him the god damn truth! I have a feeling him letting the guy keep the gun will backfire.

Ben... don't attack the guy in the squad room... Okay, Ben isn't gonna get in too much trouble as long as he doesn't do anything else.

Josie... I'm hating her again... I'll bet Lydia and Russell are right and the guy Lydia and Josie met killed the missing guy... damn it, Russell, that's not fair of you to ask Lydia for the loan.

Sammy needs to talk to a lawyer and demand a paternity test ASAP... I love Nate for trying to get Sammy out without seeming like he's kicking Sammy out... lol

Oh geeze... the 'wife' is ONE of the missing guys 'girlfriends'... I'm still betting the chainsaw has a connection to the missing guy... even if the neighbor didn't kill him, maybe one of the other girlfriends got jealous and did it...

Sammy and Nate are smart to bring the guy a picture of his son to get him to tell them about the missing witness... And it worked...

Ben, tell him... just tell John the truth, he'll get it and be slightly less of an asshole... and now it's coming, Ben's gonna go through the window... Thank god for balcony's... and shit, Ben! Here's hoping he tells John now because damn! John deserves an explanation for why he had to pull Ben off the guy!

I knew John would be a little more understanding/less asshole-ish if he knew the truth. I love John. Although wow, John, kinda hypocritical since you want Ben to risk his job and his LIFE to cover up for your back problem and drug abuse... what happens if your back goes out in the middle of a chase and Ben is left on his own without backup? What if he gets shot while you're 3 blocks back in agony and no one is there to help Ben?

Josie... you're making it REALLY hard to even tolerate you right now. HA! Lydia's right! Josie's wrong! HA!

LMFAO! "Don't hurt my cock!"

Shit... I knew letting the guy keep the gun would backfire... damn it...

I have a bad feeling about Sammy and Nate going by the house... although if Sammy's name is on the mortgage, I'm pretty sure he can't get in trouble for breaking in since, hey, it's his house. Although it can create a hassle until he's able to prove it.

I think John suspects that Ben saw the gun...

I believe the neighbor that it was an accident, but dude... you screwed yourself over by not either leaving the guy in his own yard or calling it in.

Thank god for Nate having a cooler head and getting things calmed down...

Poor Lydia with her horny mom... lmao... Russ, it wasn't fair of you to ask for the loan, so don't be an ass that she won't give it.

Ben... don't be stupid, please don't be stupid. I... I seriously don't know how to feel about Ben's mom 'forgiving' the asshole... and Ben has a good point about her drinking not being a son of 'moving on'... oh fuck... Ben's dad was friends with the asshole... and his mom... god... it's actually worse this way... poor Ben... but I'm so glad he didn't do anything too stupid...
60schic: rookie's steely glare60schic on January 19th, 2011 04:15 am (UTC)
but I'm so glad he didn't do anything too stupid... too late - he already did 3 stupid things in this ep b/c of his own hang ups: Stalking the guy, beating on the guy who was whipping the woman, and letting the Asian guy keep the gun. Not to mention surveillance on the guy again on his off time. I don't know what the rules are on how many screw ups you're allowed while a rookie - but I'm betting Ben is awfully close to finding out. Not to mention beating up a handcuffed perp last season.

But the emotion in that last scene? Ow.
Maramissmara on January 19th, 2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, he did do lots of stupids things this ep, but I meant 'too stupid' as in 'at least he didn't go and shoot the asshole' way... there would have been absolutely no fixing that...