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01 February 2011 @ 07:25 am
It's Frakin' Cold!  
According to weather.com: -27F (-33C), wind chill of -47F (-44C)

And yet, the university is still open today according to the site we go to for announcements. At temps of -20 or below, it's DANGEROUS to be outside. If you inhale without a scarf or something in front of your mouth to help trap heat, you can get ice crystals forming in your lungs. And yet, they still want all of us to drag our asses out in this to get to work.

It pisses me off because I'll bet the people who make the decisions about closing? Are still all curled up in their nice warm beds in nice warm houses, because screw the little people, they can venture out in the cold while the mucky mucks who decide whether they have to go out sleep.

I also worry because our poor dog has to go outside to potty because he was crate trained and he flat out REFUSES to go in the house. Like he could be left alone for 12+ hours and wouldn't make a mess. Usually, I'm glad he's well trained, but on days like this? I wish he wasn't...

I'm not a happy girl. If it was later in the month, I'd call in, but I'm trying to get over 88 hours a month so I'm guaranteed two weeks off in June (we have an 88 hour rule at work. If you work more than 88 hours a month for 6 consecutive months, they have to provisional benefit you. Well, our work is cheap, so instead when the sixth month arrives, they make you take two weeks off to break the cycle)