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01 February 2011 @ 09:24 pm
One Tree Hill - The Brooke/Julian Wedding!  
Spoilers for tonight's One Tree Hill behind the cut, along with some nonsensical rambling... lol

Brooke finally got the happiness she deserves! And for once? A Tree Hill wedding didn't go disastrously wrong! That hasn't happened since Nathan and Haley's first wedding that we only saw in flashbacks! (Technically they got married during the time frame of the Season One finale, but we didn't see the flashbacks until Season Two)

Keith/Jules - Turned out she'd been hired by Dan to break Keith's heart.
Nathan/Haley #2 - Rachel got drunk and stole the limo, and nearly killed herself, Cooper, and Nathan after crashing it. (Which Skills referenced!)
Lucas/Lindsay - Lindsay busted Lucas for loving Peyton, then Jamie got kidnapped by Psycho!Nanny Carrie (Which I'm sure is exactly WHY Skills went overboard with making things go smoothly, since he was in charge of Jamie that day)
Lucas/Peyton - Peyton started hemorrhaging before she even changed out of her wedding gown.

But Brooke got married without any disasters, though not without heartache (Her dad is an asshole... how could he not show up after promising Brooke he'd be there? But Victoria was actually kinda awesome, and so was Julian's dad).

Jamie's Best Man speech and Haley's Matron of Honor speech were both wonderful and touching, especially Haley's because omfg it harped back to the FIRST SEASON! lol

Anyway, in short, I am a very happy girl in regards to OTH tonight. Brooke deserves to finally be happy. I'm hoping that, if this is the final season, they either give Brooke a miracle baby (Though that WOULD be kinda cheesy, but OTH does cheesy quite often) or Brooke and Julian adopted a baby/child. I would lvoe a final scene of the series where we see everyone like 10 years down the road, with a teenage Jamie on the basketball team flirting with cheerleaders, and Brooke and Julian have a kid/a couple kids (miracle baby or adopted, I don't care) and everyone is happy...

I also really want Alex to have a happy ending, too. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I love her and I'm loving the Alex/Quinn friendship, and I really want her to be happy, too. And I want Quinn and Clay to be happy.

I'm probably one of the few who honestly doesn't give a fuck whether Lucas and Peyton come back before the series ends. If they do, good, as long as Brooke doesn't forget that HALEY has been there for her throughout all the turmoil of the last year and a half. HALEY was there when Brooke found out she couldn't have kids. HALEY was there when she had to give up her business. Seriously, I'm sure Lucas could handle watching Sawyer for a day or two so Peyton could come see her supposed best friend... except, wait... Peyton's a bitch who steals her 'best friends' boyfriend not once but twice! In the course of two years! And don't get me started on Lucas... okay... ahem... maybe I do have a preference that they NOT come back. Unless one or both of them gets bitched out.

Don't get me wrong, I love Hilarie Burton (I'm bitter, I refuse to forgive CMM for how he treated Sophia... maybe that makes me a crazy fan, but... he was an ass... he's a decent actor, but I don't like him as a person for hurting her) and I'm happy that her life is going awesomely (Seriously, the woman is dating/has a baby with Jeffrey Dean Morgan!), I just dislike Peyton. A lot.

But as long as Brooke is happy? I'm a very happy girl.

I'll be doing my live review of Southland as usual, the reairing starts in about 35 minutes, so in an hour and a half or so I'll be posting.
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