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23 March 2011 @ 05:44 pm
I hate my life sometiumes...  
So, I work late on Wedsdays, until 4:30, and then I get to go straight home, so I didn't take my laptop with me today. Good thing or I would have gotten all upset during my 45 minutes break when my laptop wouldn't boot up properly. it keeps getting stuck on the 'Welcome' screen, even when i tried booting up in safe mode.

I spent about 20 minutes waiting in 'normal' mode for it to go beyond 'welcome', and so far anput 10 in 'safe mode', and nothing, it's still on welcome. So, unless it starts working, this means I'll be needing to take it to get it fixed, which could mean wiping the drive and re-installing windows, which means I lose EVERYTHING. My music collection, my video clips, my fanfic (including an unposted chapter of 'Never Again', the first chapter of the Three Years sequel, my original fiction, my nanos from the last two years).

So, I may NOT have the first chapter of the 3Y sequel out by this weekend, and I'm sorry about that, but... if I can't even get it to load in safe mode, there's jack shit I can do until I get it fixed. I can TRY to rewrite it, but it's jsut so frustrating because I know the rewrite won't be as good.

It was FINE last night, no problems at ALL! Maybe I fucked up by turning off windows updates, but I was so tired of the updates causing problems... I'm just so frustrated...
nullsysnullsys on March 24th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
This kind of system crash really sucks - but if whoever is reinstalling your windows knows what he/she is doing, there shouldn't be any net data loss, only application settings and such.