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24 March 2011 @ 05:45 pm
so much for cautiously optimistic...  
I get off work today, sit down with my laptyop, and it's fine for a while. Then it freezes up entirely. So I do a hard reboot, hoping it'll be fine now, but nope, after about 5 minutes, it froze again. So I shut it down and I've already dropped it off at the same p;lace that fixed it bakc in November of '09 when it was doing the exact same freezing thing. It was malware that time, and they had to wipe it and reload, but... it worked just fine for over a year, so if they have to do the same again, I won't freak. I'll be upset about losing the video clips, my music collection, and all my sims 2 stuff, but... mosat of that can be replaced.

I have the most important things saved to a flash drive and/or my hotmail drafts folder, including the first chapter of the Three Years sequel, so... a wipe and reload will be an annoyance, not a tragedy.

An d at leats our desktop computer is working fine this time around, so I can still use it to write on.