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10 May 2011 @ 09:15 pm
One Tree Hill Thoughts  
Spoilers behind the cut...

I adore Millie for handing the microphone to Mouth to cover the Rivercourt story! And the gang totally saved the Rivercourt! I loved the moment when Nathan and Julian were talking about kids and memories of their parents... both because of the fact that Jamie and Lydia, along with Julian and Brooke's kid(s) are gonna have memories of all their awesome non-related aunts and uncles being awesome with them, btu also because it really was the perfect moment for Julian to tell Nate and Nate was so happy for them...

I love the developing friendship between Brooke and Alex. I'm so glad to see my Brooke and my Alex getting along because they are kinda awesome as friends! I hated Alex at firs,t but I kinda love her now... lol

And Brooke and Haley are re-opening Karen's Cafe! EEEE! I am SO happy about that!

Aww... Chuck being upset that Chase is leaving... the "I don't want you to go..." from Chuck broke my heart...

I won't be too upset if this is the last season, but I'm hoping for one more season if for no other reason than Chase/Alex. They are adorable, and Chase is really good for Alex, and I think he free-spiritness is good for him. But Alex has definitely shown a great deal of growth since she first joined the show, and I love the girl so much now.