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14 May 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Random Snippets  
Just a couple random snippets, some are only a sentence or two... they may or may not go anywhere further, but I liked up, didn't wanna lose the ideas while they were there, and also wanted to share.

If anyone gets in inspiration and wants to 'claim' something to flesh out, feel free, just let me know so I can read it. I may add more later, and if you guys wanna comment with some, feel free, I'll edit them into the list (with credit for the idea).

For now, it's all crossover ideas and the fandoms represented are: The OC, Glee, One Tree Hill, and Friday Night Lights

1. Kurt Hummel thought he'd never find common ground with his roommate and get beyond the awkwardness of it all. Then he found out Ryan Atwood was Journey fan and had done musicals as a kid.

2. Kurt Hummel was the best friend Brooke Davis could have ever asked for, even if he did pout when Brooke turned out to be the object of affection for their mutual crush.

3. Quinn Fabray almost wished her parents had just kicked her out for being pregnant, instead of shipping her across the country to stay with her mom's cousin Kirsten and her family. At least her cousin Seth was funny, and Kirsten's foster son Ryan was really sweet. Not to mention cute.

4. It wasn't one his mom's ex-boyfriends that Ryan Atwood was fleeing to Texas to stay with, it was his mom's sister, his aunt, Tami Taylor, and her family. But his Uncle Eric thinks Ryan is as much trouble as Trey is, so a desperate-to-please Ryan joins the football team to earn Eric's approval and maybe feel wanted.

5. Ryan Atwood thought Santana Lopez was hot when he met her, and he'll readily admitting to flirting until she's shot him down with a blunt "I prefer less dick, more tits," at which point he'd backed out as gracefully as he could while being mocked by some of his friends. (I sorta already have two snippets in this universe written... an epic Ryan&Santana friendship at college...)
steve_skisteve_ski on May 15th, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC)
Oh...I like the idea of Ryan becomming a football jock in Tx but even more I like the idea of him being Kurts roommate. Can see him a little uncomfortable when he realizes that he might be gay too. Now the question is do they get together or does Kurt just end up his good friend, convincing him to get out of the closet...