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16 May 2011 @ 04:58 pm
I love it! In a preview clip for tomorrow night's Glee? There's a moment where Puck and Kurt are sitting in the back row at Glee rehearsal, soemthing funny is said, and as Puck cracks up, he kinda leans over sideways and puts his forehead against Kurt's shoulder, and Kurt is totally at ease about it... my Puck/Kurt shipper heart likes the moment of closeness, even if it is a 'Puck is about to fall over laughing' moment... lol

Click the link to go to the clip, and the adorable moment is at about the 60 second mark... but I suggest watching from about 45 or 50 seconds so you can see the comment that sparks the laughter...

It's just so cute, even if it is just a tiny little background moment... lol