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17 June 2011 @ 12:08 am
Crossover Friendships/Pairings I have an interest in...  
The commentary makes it kinda long...

Ryan Atwood/Brooke Davis (The OC/One Tree Hill)
Was there any doubt this would be on here? lol... they are my crossover OTP (Though the tie for second place is very close), and I've already written tons with them... They both have had so much angst in canon, including some parallels (On-and-off relationships with people who treat them like crap, Best friends who are more often than not selfish)... And the later the season of OTH, the more obvious it is to me that Brooke really would be the perfect woman for Ryan. She proves time and again that she will do anything for the ones she loves, just like we know Ryan would...

Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
Tied for second with the next one, and again an obvious entry for this. There's just something about them that I love... I think it's because, in my mind, they'd balance eachother. Certainly neither is fragile or in need of 'saving' in the literal sense (Marissa) or judgmental and quick to blame (Rory), and they both deserve to not need to either save the day or be judged... and Ryan would have no problem dealing with Lorelai's coffee highs after years of practice on Seth's hyperness... plus I can see Ryan and Luke Danes bonding over handyman type stuff, as well as giving Jess a hard time... lol

Dean Winchester/Faith Lehane (Supernatural/Buffyverse
Tied for second with the above, I again just think they'd work. Besides the fact that both fight evil, both have a 'live fast and die young' philosophy most of the time,and both really like sex... I can see Faith thinking it's awesome to hook up with someone on the FBI's most wanted list, and Dean finding out Faith is basically a real life superhero? Total turn on.

Ryan Atwood/Chuck Bass (The OC/Gossip Girl)
Another one that just seems right to me. Chuck may be an ass who sleeps around, but at least he's upfront about it. He doesn't pretend to be a sweet, nice person than treat people like crap, he's upfront about being an asshole. And Ryan certainly isn't naive or innocent, nor is he going to put up with the worst of Chuck's crap. I can imagine that Ryan would start the relationship with a point blank "If we're together, we don't sleep with other people. If you wanna screw around? End things with me first, or I'll kick your ass." And then he would do exactly that if Chuck did cheat.

Ryan Atwood/Blair Waldorf (The OC/Gossip Girl)
While on one hand, the last thing Ryan needs is a girl who has as many insecurities as Blair does, I think that if she had a guy who really wouldn't stomp all over her heart she could get past a lot of those. And I can just imagine Blair's exasperation that here she's made sure Ryan had tons of expensive clothes, including designer t-shirts and jeans, and he insists on wearing a t-shirt he bought in a pack of 5 at K-Mart or something, and jeans that have a little hole in one knee... and Ryan tries desperately to keep her from seeing his grin because secretly he kinda loves the faces she makes when she's exasperated with him... and secretly Blair has found that she really likes wearing one of Ryan's cheap t-shirts to bed...

Kurt Hummel/Eric Van Der Woodsen (Glee/Gossip Girl)
Besides being the only two gay male teenagers in my main fandoms, I think they would be cute together! I imagine that they meet in New York while they're in college, and there's some sparks, but they try to stay friends, only to be falling head over heels for eachother. Maybe Eric worries about what Kurt will think if he finds out about the suicide attempt years earlier, but is surprised by Kurt being completely understanding and loving about it... maybe backstory that a Gleek had tried at some point (I have this idea that may find it's way to it's own fic where Puck was raped in Juvie and he's depressed after coming back but tries to hide it, but Kurt starts seeing cracks in Puck's facade... oops, got off track...) so Kurt sees it as sad, and worries about if Eric still feels that way, but he doesn't judge...

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman/Summer Roberts (Glee/The OC)
Puck would probably think Rage Blackouts are sexy... and Summer would tease him about the mohawk/shaved head... and Puck would get roped into carrying protest signs to the hybrid car because Summer would promise to do naughty things to him later, and God help anybody if they start harassing Puck's girl... because once she's done kicking their asses, he'll finish the job... and she may not be Jewish, but she's willing to follow whatever traditions Puck does, and even knows some Hebrew, so Mama Puckerman approves... plus the funny of Seth accusing Summer of dating his clone (all Seth knows if that she's dating another not-very-observant jewish guy), and then Puck walks in...

Summer Roberts/Jess Mariano (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
Again, I can see Jess finding the rage blackouts kinda sexy, and maybe even deliberately inducing some minor anger in order to get her riled up because man is the make up sex good...

JJ Jureau/Danny Messer (Criminal Minds/CSI:New York)
I don't know... I just like the idea of them... I'd have to ignore both Will and Lindsay to write it, because I love JJ/Will and Danny/Lindsay, but still... JJ/Danny could be awesome... the BAU works a case in New York, closely working wqith the crime lab... JJ and Danny meet, sparks fly... I can see a cute scene, after they've been secretly going out a while, where a BAU case somehow involves motorcycles, maybe it's the unsubs vehicle of choice, maybe a motorcycle part was used in a bomb, whatever, and JJ knows something about the type of cycle/part that helps solve the case, and it's because Danny takes her on motorcycle rides and he's taught her about his cycle...

Ryan Atwood and Jess Mariano (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
I know they're up in pairings, too, but I love the idea of a friendship between them, commiserating over the girls that broke their hearts... and I think that regardless of Ryan's relationship status with Taylor, Jess would hate her and call some of her behavior 'creepy'... and, as with as a pairing, they'd balance eachother. Jess would make sure Ryan had a little fun sometimes, Ryan would make sure Jess really did study enough... and they'd figure out quickly how to deal with eachother's family issues...

Ryan Atwood and Chuck Bass (The OC/Gossip Girl)
Again, as a pairing above as well. In this case it's a more extreme odd couple. I think Ryan would probably dislike Chuck at first, but if he saw Chuck come through for someone he cared about, he'd be willing to give him a chance... and I think Chuck would appreciate the fact that Ryan would call him on his bullshit without trying to be 'nice' about it. Ryan would tell him "You're an asshole", point blank.

Ryan Atwood and Santana Lopez (The OC/Glee)
I have this image of them meeting at college, initially Ryan flirts with Santana but she rejects him flatly, and he backs off gracefully. But later Santana spots her slutty roommate harassing Ryan and she goes to his rescue pretending to be his one night stand from the previous night and wanting a second ride, and they escape the frat party their at, and it's revealed that Santana's slutty roommate? Is Marissa Cooper... and soon enough an epic friendship between Ryan and Santana starts, and when some girl publicly breaks Ryan's heart and humiliates him? Santana goes off on her and tries to kick her ass... and Ryan provides Santana with back up when she is getting harassed by some guys who don't understand the meaning of 'Go the hell away before I rip your dick off'.

Dean Winchester, Faith Lehane, and Ryan Atwood (Supernatural/Buffyverse/The OC)
I love the triad friendship I've developed in a couple fics involving them. I've said before that I think Dean functions best when people are counting on him, when he has people to watch out for, even as they watch out for him. I can see Faith going all mother lion on the asses of anyone who messed with either of them, but especially Ryan, since he's the youngest... and Ryan and Dean both being quite happy to sit back and watch Faith kick ass, waiting until she asks before jumping in...

Ryan Atwood and Noah 'Puck' Puckerman (The OC/Glee)
They actually have a lot in common, when you think about it... Teen fatherhood cut short, stints in Juvie, bad boys with hearts of gold, kinda promiscuous, Journey... and as I put in one fic with them as college roommates, I can see Puck deciding to go to law school and Sandy thinking a lawyer with a mohawk would be great... and Puck enjoying the mashup that is Chrismukkah... maybe joking around about making a mash up of Christmas and Hannakuh songs that Seth takes way too seriously... lol...

That's it for now, I may update with more tomorrow, when I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard... lol...
(Anonymous) on June 17th, 2011 09:35 am (UTC)
Have you wrote any Blair and Ryan fics ?
Maramissmara on June 17th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
Re: question
#4 on this post is Ryan/Blair: 4 Girls Who Could Be Ryan Atwood Soulmate

And this was the start of a Ryan/Blair fic that didn't really go anywhere: The Way t Goes
finleefinlee on June 17th, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
I do love your crossovers! I especially like the Glee pairings. Ryan/Santana friendship would be great - I can definitely see Santana trying to find him a girlfriend that would treat him right (and maybe brings in Brooke Davis - someone I'm sure Santana would approve off).

And Puck/Summer romance -could be epic. I've decided that Puck is a bit of a pushover when it comes to his girlfriends. He always seems to do whatever they want and doesn't care about how it looks. It's his with his hookups that's he's a bit more cavalier. He had no problem being seen with Rachel, and he was willing to do whatever Mercedes asked when she told him that's what boyfriends do.

And with Summer - she has the strong personality he would like, and she would stick up for him (and do naughty things). Of course, he would also love to see her dressed up as Little Miss Vixen).
Maramissmara on June 17th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
I can see Santana and Ryan friendship just being awesome and epic... I can see her mentally aking girls out of the 'running' to date Ryan because they're being a bit to skanky or bitchy (and if Santana thinks someone is too bitchy... wow... that's REALLY bitchy...)...

I never really thought about it until you said it, but you're right, Puck is kind of a pushover with girlfriends... lol... and I think the knowledge that Summer could and would kick his ass would further keep him in line... lol... I think he'd love that Summer is kick ass, hot, and smart... and she'd love that he's bad ass, hot, and has a sensitive side... and yes, he would love to see the Little Miss Vixen get up... lol...
finleefinlee on June 17th, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)
Puck would totally love that Summer is kick ass - that's one of the things he loves about Lauren. She can take care of herself. In a way, Summer has a lot of the characteristics of the girls Puck has dated.

I love about Puck really doesn't care about appearances, in my opinion, as long as it's something that he accepts - he's not embarrassed his mother washes his hair, he's fine being seen with Rachel, he's proud to be Jewish, and hates it when people use plastic surgery to change their appearances (as just a few examples).

And in a way, he sort of thinks of things in terms of their "Roles." When he's popular, he throws people in dumpsters and slushies them, when he was a loser, he accepted his fate and allowed himself to get tossed in the dumpster - it was his accepted fate. That doesn't stop him from wanting to be popular again. When he's in Glee, he sticks up for his teammates - like Rachel and Kurt.

It's funny. The character of Puck has very little storyline but what is shown on TV definitely develops him as a character - and his characteristics are consistant. (Unlike Finn who is a bit of a hypocrite). I'll be really sad if they get rid of Puck next season. I'll just imagine he went off with Summer.

steve_ski: Ryan_Gsteve_ski on June 17th, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
I love your Ryan/Chuck & Ryan/Jess stories and can so see him being buds with Puck while Puck is dating Summer....Yeah Seth would be pissed but he'd get over it :)
madmedjenna on June 17th, 2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
Ryan and Santana, I would love to read that. Ryan sure as hell deserves a friend that fights for him and is loyal for once. This would be epic!! Please write one soon!!
bsbfan2009bsbfan2009 on June 19th, 2011 03:09 am (UTC)
i would love to see the ryan/puck frienship story. i hope you so one.