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28 July 2011 @ 07:47 pm
Fic: World Domination (Eureka!Ryan Verse, Ryan & Zane Friendship)  
Written while LJ was down. Ryan and Zane's first official meeting, and it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship as Ryan geeks out slightly. I just realized how much I miss the Eureka!Ryan universe, and how much it needed more Ryan&Zane epic friendship and scheming. Remember, one of the previous snippets indicates Zane was involved in the plot to get Carter and Allison to finally get together. I also kinda tease about other events made AU by Ryan's presence, including the reason for Ryan's legal guardian switching from Stark to Carter.

World Domination

"Idiots," Ryan muttered as he looked over a file on his laptop. "They're all a bunch of brilliant idiots."

"That's a good description for everyone here."

Ryan glanced up at the man who'd spoken, immediately liking thee relaxed attitude, and nodded. "Someday Jack is not gonna be here for a last minute save and everyone will die a horrible death."

"Jack? The sheriff?" the man asked, sitting down.

"Yeah," Ryan said, then held out his hand. "Ryan Atwood."

"Zane Donovan," came the reply. "Yeah, for a 'normal' guy, Carter's pretty smart."

"He has the sense to know that sometimes? You just gotta smack the fusion generator with a baseball bat."

"There's a story there," Zane said.

"Talking house gone a little crazy, locking people in, vaporizing pizza guys, aiming said vaporizer at a pair of teenagers... It was wacky."

"So... just another day in Eureka?" Zane asked. "I think I saw you at Global during the whole 'everyone's stupid' thing when I first got here. You were wrangling Stark."

"Yeah, you're the guy who stopped the big bang experiment from... well... ending in a big bang," Ryan said. "I gotta ask..."

"It's amazing," Zane said with a grin. "I mean, it's actually created matter. Not a lot of it, of course, but still, we can't find a source for the matter in the chamber, so all indications are..."

"The mini-bang created it from nothing," Ryan said. "You have no idea how jealous I am. The one experiment I've actually had the chance to observe and enjoyed doing so? Was one that exploded and covered Stark in purple goo."

"Please tell me there's pictures," Zane said.

"And video," Ryan said. "I may have hacked into GD's mainframe to get a copy before Stark deleted it."

"What's your field?" Zane asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Everything," Ryan replied. "Math and Physics are my main thing, but I've never had problems learning anything I set out to learn. But the thing that sold me on coming was when Allison mentioned space exploration as one of Eureka's focuses. The idea of getting off this planet and seeing what's out there? Maybe finding non-terrestrial, non-carbon based, life? That got me to sign up."

"Yeah, I didn't get the choice, but first dibs on the data from the mini-bang? That made me not care that it was here or prison."

"Meanwhile, I'm stuck observing some idiot in Section 4 who's working on making clothing out of recycled waste," Ryan said. "And he likes to wear his creations, even though he hasn't figured out a way around the smell."

"Please tell me you mean waste like... plastic and aluminum cans..." Zane began, grimacing as Ryan shook his head. "Oh gross."

"Trying working in that lab three hours a day. I'm just glad that since they don't trust me to do any work, they send me to get lunch, so I get a break from the smell. By the time I get here, windows rolled down the whole drive, I no longer smell like I've been playing in a septic tank, and I can sit, look at some experiment data I have clearance for, and some I technically don't, and take my time getting back," Ryan said.

"Why don't they trust you?"

"Because I'm 16 and as smart as they are," Ryan said. "Apparently that makes me uniquely suited to be their errand boy, even though the whole point of me having half days of school at Tesla followed by four hours of supposed lab work at Global is to 'encourage my mind' and running errands for the poop scientists doesn't do that. Although it could also be because Stark is pissed at me, and they want to get on his good side."

"He does kinda strike me as the type to hold a grudge against a teenager," Zane agreed. "What happened?"

"Long story."

"Hey, sorry about that, Ryan," Carter said as he came in. "Zane, hey," he added as he sat down.

"My attention was caught by mutterings about brilliant idiots," Zane explained.

"I'm partial to that description myself," Carter agreed. "I don't know if I want the two of you hanging out," he added to Ryan. "You and Zoe get in enough trouble, through Zane into the mix... I only have two cells at the office."

"Jack's my legal guardian," Ryan explained. "Stark was, but there was this whole situation where it was found out that he had my living across town from him at the boarding house, which was run by a woman who turned out to be selling classified data to the highest bidder, and I got taken hostage by people who wanted me to work for them..."

Carter snorted. "Yeah, he leaves out that the DoD blew a gasket when they found out, and they were ready to ship Ryan off to another town of geniuses..."

"There's more than one?" Zane asked.

"At least four," Carter said. "The rumor is the DoD is scared Ryan will fall into the wrong hands, turn into a supervillian and try for world domination."

"Forget try, Zoe and I have a functional plan for it," Ryan replied. "It involves Nanobots to effect mind control, followed by the destruction of all technology not controlled by us."

"If you're nanobot slave collars are properly shielded, a couple EMPs could wipe out everything fast and relatively clean," Zane said. "Any room for a hacker on your world domination team? I promise to be a loyal minion."

"Oh yeah, there's always room for another evil genius," Ryan quipped.

"Oh god," Carter muttered, trying to hide his smile. "See, this is what I was talking about. I don't wanna have to arrest anyone for plotting to take over the world."

"Then don't," Zane said. "Join us and you can be part of the world domination."

"I want no part in this," Carter said, getting up again to go sit at the counter and leaving Ryan and Zane to continue talking about the mini-big bang project.

The End

The beginnings of the Ryan & Zane friendship... lol... Yes, Ryan was removed from Stark's 'care' because of an incident that involved Beverly Barlowe getting busted as a bad guy and Ryan almost getting killed, and the Department of Defense freaking out because if Ryan switched sides, they know they'd be screwed. The way I figure it, in this universe, Ryan is at least on par with Zane for intelligence, and could have already gone off to college and possibly had degrees already by age 16, but he learned early on that it just pissed Frank off when Ryan showed that he was smarter than the man by age five, and Dawn and her boyfriends weren't any better. So Ryan hid his intelligence, and coasted through school, getting almost perfect grades while barely studying, and it wasn't until the Harbor Entrance Exam that he really put out a big effort because he thought the rest would be hard, but for him it wasn't.

For non-Eureka fans, it's canon that Zane was recruited by and attended at least MIT, Yale, and Cornell, but got kicked out of all of them. He was 13 when he went to college and kept getting kicked out. I don't think they've ever confirmed if he ever managed to actually get a degree, but... the man is brilliant... and Allison DOES call him a Particle Physicist, so chances are he did finally get his degree. Although I'd like to think he never quite managed to finish school but it doesn't matter because he has the knowledge. I mean, no one calls him 'Dr. Donovan'... lol

And as a bonus? Behold the hotness of Jo Lupo and Zane Donovan in a few pics...

I'm working on a fanmix for Jo/Zane, and some fic centered around them, so I wanted to make sure everyone knows what they look like...

Also... ahem... new default icon because I made it and love it muchly because it's pretty... I keep saying to my mom that clearly Jo and Zane belong together because even altering the timeline can't keep them apart... lol... in case it's hard to read, the icon says 'their love spans the multiverse'.
finleefinlee on July 29th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
Hope this comment posts. With LJ these days, you never know. Love that you posted a new story! I really like this. I never watched much Eureka, but I do like, eureka!Ryan
Maramissmara on July 29th, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
I need to do a full Primer for Eureka for non fans of it who read the Eureka!Ryan stories... Because the show has such amazing characters, but it can be kinda complicated... lol
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on July 29th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Aw, Ryan and Zane are such cuties together! Love their plan - and love the friendship!
(Anonymous) on July 29th, 2011 03:59 am (UTC)
Eureka Ryan is always a great universe to read a fic in !
steve_skisteve_ski on July 29th, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
Always enjoy your stuff. Thanks for the new story. Although Jo/Zane are cute I'd bet you could write a awesome Ryan/Zane.