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18 August 2011 @ 10:21 am
Fic: In This Life (Ryan/Summer, Paralyzed!Ryan Universe)  
Paralyzed!Ryan Universe. Relationships don't always stay static, sometimes they evolve into something less or something more than they started out. Sometimes that evolution is smooth and seamless, sometimes it's bumpy and uncertain. Sometimes it's a little of both. Features Ryan, Summer, and Kirsten being awesome.

In This Life

No one saw it coming, certainly not them, and it made things really awkward between them for a while, but there it was and there was no turning back from it.

They'd been joking around, and Summer had tripped and fallen into Ryan's lap, like some stupid romantic comedy cliche, and they'd laughed at first, but the moment had stretched on, and then they had been kissing, her hands on his shoulders and his on her hips. Then they'd parted and Summer jumped up.

"I... I have to... do... go do something," Summer stammered before rushing out, leaving a confused Ryan behind.


"Summer hasn't been around much the last few days," Kirsten commented as Ryan helped her set the table for dinner.

"We sorta... something..." Ryan began, trying to figure out what to say. "Things are weird.," he finally settled on.

"Why are things weird?" Kirsten asked.

Ryan sighed. "We... we kind of... something happened, and then we both kinda freaked and she took off and we haven't talked since."

"What happened?" Kirsten asked.

"It doesn't matter..."

"You kissed."

Ryan's head snapped up. "How did you..."

"Ryan, honey, I'm not stupid, I've seen how you look at each other. And I was 17 once, I know how weird and complicated things can be. So what happened?" she asked, sitting down at the table in front of him.

"When we pulled back, she freaked, and she ran out, and she hasn't called and I... if she wanted to talk to me she'd call me, but she hasn't so maybe... maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me... maybe she didn't kiss me but I kissed her, and I... I just don't know."

"Or maybe she feels bad for taking advantage..."

"She didn't!"

"Rational doesn't really come into play in teenage relationships," Kirsten pointed out. "I can finish in here," she added, glancing towards the patio before standing and walking over to grab more utensils.

Ryan sighed but headed outside, parking his chair by the table and pulling out his cell. He hesitated a moment before dialing, each ring making him more sure that he had lost Summer entirely.


Ryan smiled slightly at her quiet greeting. "Hey," he replied. "I... We... Kirsten ordered way too much Sweet and Sour chicken from the Chinese place, you wanna come help us eat it?" he finally asked.

"Sounds good," Summer said. "I'll be over in like ten minutes."

"Good," Ryan said.


"Hey, I hear you have way too much sweet and sour," Summer said as she entered the Cohen kitchen to find Kirsten and Ryan just sitting down to ear.

"Way too much," Ryan agreed. "We could never eat it all by ourselves."

"Force of habit," Kirsten said. "After Luke being over so often over winter break, I got use to ordering three times the usual amount."

Summer laughed, snagging a piece of chicken from Ryan's plate before grabbing a plate to serve herself. "So good," she said.

"You couldn't wait ten seconds to get your own?" Ryan asked.

"Stolen sweet and sour is so much better," Summer countered with a grin as she sat down next to him, proving her point by stealing another piece.

"Yeah? Let's see," Ryan countered, stealing a piece from her plate, then considering as she watched expectantly. "Yeah, much better," he finally agreed.

"I told you!" Summer said, laughing.

The End

I just can't see either of them wanting to jump into anything. Summer still has guilt over sending Ryan to stop Seth from driving drunk, and she wonders if she's taking advantage of Ryan's mental vulnerability right now. Ryan is vulnerable mentally, between the accident itself, his fractured relationship with Seth (which will never be patched up in this 'verse... What Seth did, and his lack of guilt over it, is too much for Ryan to forgive), his break up with Marissa (who preferred to seek comfort from Johnny and Volchak than to spend time with her boyfriend who needed her), and the tensions in the Cohen house that he blames himself for...

And no, I don't really know where Sandy was during this ficlet... Maybe working to keep Seth out of jail for the drunk driving and vehicle assault, since the other drive WAS hurt just not as bad as Ryan... I don't know...
(Anonymous) on August 20th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
This universe is really sad, but it keeps drawing you in every time you read anything in it.

I am looking forward to how Ryan and Summer develope their relationship and a Rage Blackout or two from Summer directed at Seth.
sportsmed14sportsmed14 on September 8th, 2011 07:54 am (UTC)
I hope you write more from this universe! I want more details about Ryan's emotional state and how he feels each day to wake up paralyzed.