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24 August 2011 @ 10:57 pm
A meme? Or Two?  
I did this one once before, back in November of 2009, and while looking for a different meme thing I stumbled across this one and thought I'd revist...

Ask me a question about any fic of mine, and I will answer honestly. Ask what inspired a story, or about something mentioned but not shown (the first time I did this, a question was about a bit of Ryan/Chuck backstory in my 'Beautiful World' verse...) ask about what I consider to be The Song for a couple, whatever...

The ONLY questions I won't answer are ones about when I'll update stories. Those questions can be answered right now: I'll update when I update, which will be when I get inspired for that particular story. BUT if there's a long 'abandoned' story (I never really abandon them, but some have been sitting unfinished for a LONG time), you can ask about what my plans for it are/were. Anything overly spoiler-y will be posted to a backdated entry and linked to so that no one will see it by accident.

The second meme for this post is actually another revisit, The Five Facts meme...

Give me a pairing (or just a pair of characters) from any of my fics, and I'll tell you five things about them in that universe... last time I had several romantic pairings, but also ones about family relationships (Ryan & Zoe from Genius!Ryan!Verse, Ryan and Christian from the Ryan Troy!Universe...)

So, ask away for either meme or for both!
steve_ski: RyanBruisesteve_ski on August 25th, 2011 01:36 pm (UTC)
OMG...So many questions to ask about so many universes... and wish I could do something to convince you to publish more on certain stories but know how it works…if you’re not feeling it you’re not writing it…..but I’m putting it out there that there are still some of us who appreciate the effort you put into these stories.
PS – I love the fact that you do this type of stuff and provide a little background here and there in your posts. While its not always easy to find all the threads for a particular story its always a treat to run into a little explanation about the whys/whats in your various universes.

SO...Guess I'll limit myself to one question and one request for 5 things :)

Question: In Beautiful World do the Cohens get their act together and reconcile with Ryan and maybe eventually move to NY so they can all be one big happy family or does it end not so good with one or the other family?

5 Things – In your ‘The Way it Goes’ world (where Oliver shot Seth) I’d love to hear about 5 bits relating to Ryan and his relationships with his new extended family (especially his potential friendship with Chuck and how he handled the “dirt” he knows about).
Maramissmara on August 25th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure yet whether they get their act together. I know they will be mega unhappy when they find out that Ryan is indeed seeing Chuck again, and I know there will be a confrontation at some point between the Cohen and Van der Woodsen-Humphrey families. But will things be all happy between everyone eventually? No certainty, but I'm leaning towards not.

As for the 5 Facts... (reminder to people who may not remember, in 'The Way It Goes', Ryan and Blair met in Tuscany after the respective first seasons of each show, with The OC's 1st season going AU that Seth was shot and killed by Oliver Trask. The Cohens legally adopted Ryan, and they all move to New York because the gossip in Newport was getting to them. Kirsten is cousins with Lilly Van der Woodsen-Humphrey, so Ryan is adoptive cousins with Eric and Serena and step-cousins with Dan and Jenny)
1. Chuck's hatred of Oliver overrides his annoyance over Blair moving on and he doesn't reveal what he knows about Seth. He and Ryan manage to form a friendship eventually, though Blair isn't happy about it, and Ryan becomes one of the only people who can get away with mocking Chuck openly, because Chuck respects Ryan for not being intimidated by him. Ryan will outright and without hesitation tell Chuck he's an ass, or acting stupid, and Chuck knows that sometimes, he needs someone to tell him that BEFORE he goes too far with it.

2. Ryan and Blair don't last. Ryan just couldn't take another girlfriend who manipulates people and talks down to her 'lessers'. It's not a hostile break up, but it's not exactly friendly either. Especially when Blair tries to blame it on Ryan's intimacy issues instead of her own behavior.

3. Ryan does make friends with his cousins, even though Serena's constant drama gets to him sometimes. But if anyone tried to hurt her, or any of the others, they'd see Ryan's dark side come out. He can ignore slights and attacks against himself, but mess with his family or friends and watch out.

4. When Oliver turns up at a party in New York Ryan has a panic attack (flashing back to the night Oliver killed Seth), and Chuck and Nate help him get away from the party. Once Nate knows the whole story, he and Chuck decide to run interference and make sure that if there's any chance Oliver is nearby, they won't leave Ryan alone. Chuck also makes plans to push Oliver over the edge just enough that he'll get locked up as crazy. While Oliver is on the loose in the city, Ryan's mental stability gets a little shaky, but the support of his extended family and his friends gets him through it without him going over the edge himself.

5. No matter how many years they know eachother, Ryan will NEVER let Chuck live down the ugly scarves and other fashion missteps.
steve_skisteve_ski on August 26th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Yeah I can see Chuck being on Ryan's side once he figures out that he's a good guy and Ryan really misses Seth and while Chuck is not Seth he helps fill that hole a little bit. And love that Nate would automatically be on his side against Oliver giving Ry another good friend by the end.....So hope to see the details some time.... And the Nana/Lilly/Rufus meeting in Beautiful World below...love that too...

steve_skisteve_ski on August 26th, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
Was wondering if the background (Ryan and Blair in Tuscany) is a acutal story or just background. If a story do you have it tagged because I have never run across it.
Maramissmara on August 26th, 2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
It's just background and has not been written.
(Anonymous) on August 25th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)

I just read your back entries and really enjoyed you answering the question and the 5 facts.

I guess for the question i have would be a two-part question. First how do you imagine the nana and the lily/rufus meeting going since she doesnt like kirsten so much. Also do you imagine there ever being a summer/ blair smackdown since ryan wont hit a girl but summer clearly has awesome rage issues and blair swore revenge on ryan.

The five facts would be for the brother and sisters universe perhaps how he interacts with the different siblings. I love the idea of ryan entering this crazy family (though they really love each other).
Maramissmara on August 25th, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
I think that while The Nana might have her usual 'anti-wealth' attitude at first, she'd appreciate the fact that Lily and Rufus are letting Ryan make his own choices, and that Lily doesn't hesitate to admit she's a little over the top with the extravagance. As for a Summer/Blair smackdown... there will almost definitely be a Blair/MARISSA smackdown at some point. M is going to show up in New York, pulling her 'poor me, my boyfriend doesn't understand that his near-fatal accident was so hard on me that I couldn't even send him a 'get well soon' email!' attitude, and Blair witnesses it and while she's still unhappy that Ryan 'stole' Chuck from her (even though Ryan had Chuck long before Blair did), she begins to see things a little differently and act more civil towards Ryan.

And the 5 Facts about the 'Good Enough' Universe... I originally intended to have one fact per Walker sibling, but... that changed... lol...
1. Ryan will always be closest to Justin. Both because of being the two youngest, but also because they both have the pasts as the family screw ups. Justin knows what it's like to keep making mistakes and feel like everyone is judging you for them, so when he tells Ryan that he understands, it's true. And Ryan admires the fact that Justin is clean and sober now, since neither Dawn or Trey could ever manage that.

2. Ryan knows that the Cohens love him, and he knows that Sandy means well, but the truth is he does feel a lot of pressure from them to be who they want him to be. The Walkers, though, completely accept him, mistakes and all, for who he is. Yeah, they want him to make better choices, but they aren't going to make him feel like he's just a screw up if he does make one. They learn from their own mistakes, they saw how their judgements affected Justin while he battled his addictions, and they never want to push Ryan away that way.

3. When the Walkers actually spend a little time with the Cohens (and Summer because she IS family...) they are relieved to see that Ryan really is loved by them, despite Sandy's stupidity at various points, but they are also horrified by some of Seth's completely oblivious comments (about Marissa, Trey, and/or Dawn) that clearly distress Ryan, but Seth doesn't even notice. And at the same time, the Cohens see what Ryan means about the Walkers accepting him as he is, and they see that Seth really is being completely insensitive to Ryan's feelings.

4. When Ryan finds out that Justin and Summer are dating, he's not entirely happy. He loves them both, and he's happy that they're happy, but he's worried that if things don't work out between them he'll be stuck having to chose between his brother and his friend. But he still keeps it a secret when they ask him to, because the Walkers would be overwhelming, as usual, and J/S want to keep things low key and low stress. Ryan is torn between amusement and annoyance when all the other Walkers start thinking Justin's sudden happiness is due to a return to drugs, annoyed that they would assume the worst, but amused because he knows that when Justin is skipping a family dinner it's because he got talked into going to an enviromental rally with Summer... but he can't really defend Justin when the rest of the Walkers start in because he promised not to say anything. So he's stuck between letting them speculate in the direction of drug use or reminding them that most of his life was spent surrounded by drug addicts, and Justin doesn't have any of the signs that he knows by heart.

5. When Ryan starts dating the girl who eventually turns out to be 'The One', he decides to get revenge by telling Justin and Summer, but swearing them to secrecy, just like they did to him. Except, of course, the Walkers figure out quicker that Ryan is seeing someone, and then the sneaking around to find out who mystery girl is starts, and leads up to Tommy, Kitty, Sarah, and Kevin using Ryan's spare key (stolen from Justin, who has it in case of emergency) to get into his apartment and walking in on Ryan and his girlfriend having sex on the couch... I just have the mental image of Ryan yelling at them later for having no sense of boundaries... lol...
(Anonymous) on August 26th, 2011 02:49 am (UTC)
Thank you so much,

I love both of your responses to the post. It is interesting to see how different characters and situations bring out diffferent sides to ryan.
tvgurl86 on August 26th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC)
great idea!!!

I have two five facts i am interested in.

1) I love the southland/oc crossover and any five facts about the brothers or other characters from both series would be great.

2) you mentioned in a previous post about wanting to do a fnl story, i would love to see five facts about ryans relationship with the taylors and characters like smash and riggins and buddy.

you thoughts on one or both of these universes would be amazing
Maramissmara on August 26th, 2011 04:48 am (UTC)
5 Facts About the Brothers Universe'. (I assume that's the one you meant, since you said 'the brothers' lol... if I'm wrong I'll gladly do another 5 for my other The OC/Southland crossover)...
1. Once Cooper picks up Kaitlin and brings her back to LA, she insists on going to see Ryan and when she does, she practically curls up against his side while he tries to reassure her that he'll be fine.

2. The Cohens know about Ryan having been kidnapped as a kid, and they know he's reconnecting with his biological brother, but they haven't met Ben yet because Ryan has been trying to keep the different parts of his life separate. He doesn't want Ben to know about getting Theresa pregnant, or the cage fighting after Marissa died, or any of the other bad things he's done. And he doesn't want the Cohens to know just how violent the night of the kidnapping was.

3. Kirsten knows Cooper from when she and Jimmy were teenagers, and she's always liked him, even though he's a lot less 'refined' than Jimmy. She fully supports Cooper taking Kaitlin away from Julie.

4. Ryan remembers he and Ben's parents clearly, including the last thing their father ever said to him, which was in response to Ryan begging him not to leave them: "Not now, Ryan, I have important things to do." Ryan will never full forgive their dad for that, and things will always be tense with their mom because of her willingness to just forgive and forget about it.

5. Ryan and Ben's sisters, Olivia and Chloe, have no clue that Ryan exists, and only find out because it makes the papers when Frank is arrested after a high speed chase. They're pissed at both their dad and at Ben for never telling them they had another brother. Ryan may never forgive their dad, but he does bond with his sisters.

And 5 Facts for a The OC/Friday Night Lights Universe I haven't written but kinda want to... lol... in it, Dawn and Tami are sisters, so Ryan is Tami's nephew.
1. Eric isn't even remotely happy about Ryan staying with them, but Tami isn't about to turn her nephew away, even though she's long since given up on her sister (Dawn). They fight about it quite a bit until Eric starts to realize Ryan isn't like the rest of the Atwoods.

2. Ryan tries out for the football team to try and get on Eric's good side, and proves to be a competent player, though certainly not as good as most of the others.

3. Ryan makes friends with Riggins after helping him kick the asses of a couple guys from a rival team who tried to start trouble.

4. Dawn shows up at some point and initially Eric wants to just let her take Ryan, since she seems sober and wants to 'start over' with her son, but then she gets drunk, humiliates Ryan, and then yells at him and hits him, which Ryan just lets happen. That's the point when Eric does a 180 and decides that Tami's right, Ryan does belong with them in Dillon.

5. Ryan and Tyra have a one night stand, instigated because Tyra feels bad for him after witnessing the scene Dawn caused. It later develops into a real relationship because of the fact that Ryan doesn't treat her any different after than he did before, and Tyra doesn't judge Ryan based on his mother's actions.

(Editted to correct my spelling of Tami's name... teahc me not to look it up BEFORE hitting post... lol)

Edited at 2011-08-26 04:50 am (UTC)
steve_skisteve_ski on August 26th, 2011 09:40 pm (UTC)
On #2 for Brothers... I can see Ryan wanting to keep those negative things from the other family but I'd expect that Ben would think Ryan was hiding something about the Cohens (possible abuse or other...) and the Cohens would worry that Ryan was hiding something about his brother (even though he is a cop). Who gets more worried and starts invesigating the other.... could lead up to a very interesting first meeting when they finally do get together. And what kind of reaction you would get out of Seth to have a new "twin" to Ryan...
Maramissmara on August 26th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Ryan has told both sides of the equation that he wants to sort out the weirdness before his two families meet, and since he still hasn't worked up the nerve to deal with his biological parents, he doesn't want to mix things yet.
ihearttwojacksihearttwojacks on August 26th, 2011 01:35 pm (UTC)
I love when you do fact memes!

I'd be interested in five new facts in the Ryan&Troy verse and/or The o.c./southland verse (not The Brothers, the other one whose name I don't know lol)

Either one would be awesome! Thank you!
Maramissmara on August 26th, 2011 11:24 pm (UTC)
5 Facts about the Ryan Troy!Verse
1. Ryan dates Brooke Davis during the summer she's forced to live with her parents in LA (between junior and senior years of high school), both of them insisting it was just a summer fling. But when Ryan was attacked by the Carver several months later, and Brooke found out via the news, she flew back to LA and teased him about being the 'hot guy with a scar' now. And when Brooke returned for another visit after graduation, she and Ryan picked up where they'd left off the summer before.

2. Ryan does get surgery to remove the scar left by the attack, but remains self conscious about it afterwards, half convinced that everyone can still see something there. He doesn't became a plastic surgery addict or anything, but it does add to his self esteem issues.

3. Christian pretends to be annoyed that Ryan chose to study architecture over medicine in college, but really he's proud of his son, and eventually switches to jokingly trying to get a free remodel for his house.

4. Ryan can't stand most of the woman Christian dates, but at least he knows where his usually lousy taste in women came from.

5. When Ryan has kids, Christian refuses to be called any variation on 'grandpa', but caves when his first granddaughter calls him 'gramp'. He never finds out that it's because Ryan had, multiple times, told her that 'grandpa is a grump', so she combined the words... lol... Ryan can't help grinning everytime he hears the nickname, especially the time Christian referred to himself as 'Gramp'.

5 Facts from my OTHER The OC/Southland crossover, 'Mercy' (Ryan doesn't move in with the Cohens, gets sent to Juvie, is raped by warden, gets out, and Cooper takes him in):
1. For the first year Ryan is living with Cooper, Cooper only goes out about once a month at the most, and makes sure he's not drunk or high when he comes home. Not because he's worried Ryan will rat him out, but because he has seen Ryan's social services folder, and he's not going to be another drug user Ryan has to deal with. He also doesn't bring any dates home because he doesn't want to risk upsetting Ryan because of the trauma from Juvie. He doesn't know that Ryan put two and two together (the fact that Cooper is still on such good terms with Laurie and they still care about each other, the no bringing dates home, the glances Cooper exchanged with his 'friend' Caesar when the man helped them with a garden wall...) and figured out Cooper's gay. And he doesn't care because he knows there's a difference between what Ackerman did to him and being gay. So Ryan is just sitting back, waiting for Cooper to admit it to him.

2. When investigations into the case reveal just how bad a job Ryan's public defender the second time around did, an investigation in the PD's office leads to Sandy finding out what happened to his former client, and he's devastated that because he hadn't been available, Ryan ended up suffering so much.

3. One of the prosecutors in the case convinces Ryan and Cooper that they should sue the state of California for allowing not realizing the wrongdoing on the part of the judge who convicted Ryan and on the part of Ackerman. Ryan wins a hefty settlement, which gets cut down in appeals, but it's still enough that he can afford the college of his choice and not have to work to make ends meet during it. He winds up mostly letting it sit in the bank and gather interest, since he gets a full scholarship for college.

4. Ryan comes close to attempting suicide in the days leading up to testifying against Ackerman, but Cooper catches him with the knife against his wrist and manages to talk him out of it. Cooper keeps a close eye on him during the trial, and that's the only time Ryan loses his grip on things.

5. It takes Ryan years to even want to get into a relationship, and when he does finally try it's a series of spectacular failures. He does, eventually, manage to make a relationship last longer than a month, and that's the one he marries and has a family with.
tvgurl86 on August 26th, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
Hi again,

I was watching both criminal minds and the vampire diaries reruns last night and was hoping you could do 5 facts on them. Your replys to earlier have been great and i am just being greedy for more lol.
Maramissmara on August 27th, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)
Since you didn't specify fics, these are just my most common

5 Facts about Criminal Minds:
1. When Henry gets older, Reid buys him magic kits, and Garcia gladly plays the role of 'lovely assistant' during Henry's first magic show.

2. Reid has been quietly dating the bartender from '52 Pickup' (Click here for a clip). She loves his sweet goofiness.

3. Reid has been trying to build a relationship with his dad, but it's hard to fully forgive the man for leaving them.

4. JJ's family loves her, they adore Henry, and they even like Will. but they aren't happy that Will and JJ aren't married. Every time JJ talks to them, they ask when the wedding will be.

5. Jack refers to the team as his Aunts and Uncles, and Henry will do the same when he gets older.

And 5 Facts About The Vampire Diaries... which is actually only 3 Facts because I couldn't think of anything else... lol:
1. When it comes right down to it, Damon is the Salvatore brother to count on if things went completely to hell. He'd insist he was doing it for his own reasons (like protecting his favored food source), but he'd keep people safe.

2. Bonnie knows that when it comes down to it, Elena will pick the Salvatores over her every time, and that someday she may have to chose between what's best for everyone and what Elena wants. Bonnie hopes that day never comes.

3. Since becoming a vampire, Damon has made friends all over the country, the world even. Most have them had no clue he was a vampire. Some of them figured it out on their own. He told a select few the truth because he trusted them. Those select few he trusted with the information are also the few people he would never feed on. He also makes sure they know how to get in touch with him if they need him.

Edited at 2011-08-27 01:13 am (UTC)
tvgurl86 on August 28th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)

I had actually meant the crossover missing persons and the vampire diaries crossover that you did, but i really enjoyed these facts because i love both shows, not only as crossovers but on their own. Thank you again for your amazing spin on thing : )
(Anonymous) on August 31st, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
Are you still doing this? I would like to know if Sandy dies in the story where he was a drunk and hit Ryan. Does Ryan ever forgive them?
Maramissmara on August 31st, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
Well, everyone dies eventually... lol... but Sandy is going to go into remission (there's a slim chance I'll change my mind on that, but... it's very slim). Ryan and Sandy will definitely manage to mend fences, but I don't know if Ryan will ever be able to forgive Kirsten and Seth, especially Kirsten. I know that seems odd, to forgive the person who actually hit him and not forgive the two who didn't, but... the key thing is, Sandy shows remorse for his actions, he's well aware that he caused things to go to hell, that he hurt Ryan, both physically and emotionally. He knows that he needs to earn forgiveness, that Ryan owes him nothing, and that he will be damn lucky if Ryan does forgive him.

But Kirsten and Seth are both in the mindset that Ryan 'abandoned' them to deal with the situation. Kirsten won't acknowledge that her affair added to the whole mess of a situation, and neither of them seem to understand that Ryan was a kid and he was trying to hold things together, he stayed two weeks longer than he should have (he should have left after the first incident, instead of waiting until it was happening again and someone else convinced him to leave), and that he is in no way at fault for what happened either before or after he left. Seth is consistently selfish and forgiven for it, but the one time Ryan thought of himself first, and Kirsten and Seth are villianizing him for it.

So, in short, Ryan will have a relationship with Sandy again. It won't be like it was, it couldn't be after everything that happened, but it will exist and it will be a good relationship. But it's a lot less likely that he'll have any kind of positive relationship with Kirsten and Seth.