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11 September 2011 @ 11:17 pm
So, I'm sitting here, at 11:00 at night, about to go to bed, but wanting to finish the Supernatural story I'm in the middle of (so already in a slightly creeped out mood... lol), when suddenly I hear the bells on our front gate ringing. Not just the faint little ringing caused by a strong wind (they're heavy brass bells, wrapped around the latch for the gate), but major ringing. So I get up and peak out the window in the front door and there is some guy trying to unwrap the bells... he notices me and like raises his hand in greeting and... well, I'll admit it. I freaked the fuck out and went to wake up my mom because WTF? It's 11 at night!

By the time she got to the living room, the guy had disappeared, and when she looked there's a car parked out front, so we think he may have actually been visiting a neighbor and got confused, only realizing when I ran from the window instead of opening the door that hey, he had the wrong place... but...

Really? First of all, who comes visiting at 11 at night when they clearly aren't overly familiar with the place they're visiting? And if you're expected, don't you think there'd be a porch light on? You know who walks up to unfamiliar, mostly dark, trailers at 11 at night and doesn't even try to knock just messes with the gate then runs after realizing they're in the wrong place? Thieves and people looking to buy drugs, neither of which are wanted.

I feel so bad for waking my mom up, but I freaked the fuck out at strange guy trying to get in our gate at 11 at night...