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14 October 2011 @ 12:01 am
Things I wanna get done over the next week...  
With at least two of these hopefully getting done by this Sunday night...

A picspam all about the epicness that could be a Ryan, Jess, and Brooke friendship. When you really look at them, those three have a lot in common... Or, alternatively, a little ficlet that has art to go with it of the three of them in an epic friendship... lol

A new chapter of at least one of my many fics that are already in progress. (Update: I have now posted one new chapter! But I plan on trying for at least one more in the next week, too!)

Finish a couple different fanarts I've been working on (New Ryan/Brooke manip! A banner for a not yet-written fic! Apoca!Brooke manip! Bigger version of the Jo/Zane art used in my current default icon!)

A fanmix... probably Ryan/Brooke...

At least start compiling songs for a new 'Lyrically Ficced' selection (I've previously down Apoca!Fic and Tragic!Fic inspired by songs, I either need a new theme or I may do another Tragic!Fic entry... lol)

Outline in more detail two different AU Gilmore Girls stories:
#1 - Jess used to visit Luke all the time in the summer when he was little, and was friends with Rory, but that stopped a few years ago. At 17, he comes to live with Luke, but he's not the sweet kid Rory was friends with and Lorelai liked. Instead he's the smart mouthed obnoxious Jess we know from canon, but maybe a little more withdrawn and wary. Basically, Liz married some abusive jerk and Jess has spent a couple years getting abused by his stepfather, and is in Stars Hollow because Luke found out and he forced Liz to give him guardianship of Jess. Lorelai isn't impressed by the 'new' Jess, and since she doesn't know the full story she's harsh about him, but Luke is defensive and protective because he does know the whole story and he already feels like he let Jess down, he won't do it again.

#2 - In 'Teach Me Tonight', Rory and Jess were in a car accident when Jess swerved to avoid hitting a dog that ran into the street. What if it had been another driver running a stop sign that caused the accident? What if they hit the driver's side? What if Rory's broken arm was nothing compared to Jess' head trauma? I'm thinking Jess suffers some brain damage, maybe some memory impairment and confusion... maybe he starts having seizures, either of the 'usual' Tonic-clonic variety or the Absence variety.... Either way, again, Luke goes into protective mode, but this time Lorelai is more on the supportive side of things since the fact that Jess was driving saved Rory, and because Lorelai IS a mom, and I don't think she could be mean or angry at a kid who was hurt, scared, and broken like Jess would be after this (both the physical damage and the emotional trauma of everything)...

Yeah... I doubt I'll get it all done in the next week, but I'm gonna try... lol
steve_skisteve_ski on October 14th, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
It's good to have ambitious goals...Gives you something to go for. ..... I know you arn't a fan of begging so no specific story requests but I'm hoping your leaning towards a Ryan story....... You have so many that I'd love to see another chapter of.....
(Anonymous) on October 14th, 2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
Love it if you would do some of the things on your list! Like the #1 GG story best! Hope to see something on your LJ soon!
xx Jen