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04 November 2011 @ 05:32 pm
The OC Re-Watch Episode Review: 1x01 - The Pilot  
Okay, below the cut is what I have in mind for my re-watch reviews. The exact categories will vary sometimes, but... yeah. More of on overview of thoughts.

Episode: 1x01 - The Pilot

Best Character: Ryan, of course! I'm pretty sure he'll win this category almost every single episode... lol But Ryan is the reason I fell in love with the show from the very beginning. His cynicism during he and Sandy's first meeting... The bit about Ryan's grades Vs. his SAT I's, followed by his little social security comment and how he was clearly doing the mental math to figure it out, is why I'm convinced Ryan is brilliant. He got the crappy grades because he didn't wanna deal with his friends hassling him for being smart, but he knew the tests are what mattered. And the party scene pre-fashion show has me convinced Ryan was fielding inappropriate propositions from Newpsies for the next four years, all the way until the move to Berkeley.

Surprisingly, I have to pick Kirsten as second best for the ep. Yeah, she was a royal bitch in a lot of ways, but I can see why she'd be worried about the idea. In the end she did somewhat try to make Ryan feel welcome, at least until the morning after the party when she saw Seth's black eye. And especially once she realized that Ryan knew he was being kicked out, had already gotten his stuff together, but had then made breakfast for them as a thank you, she clearly realized she was being bitchy about it.

And while not a best or favorite, Marissa must get a mention as, next to Ryan, the character I most wanted to give a hug to. I mean, she clearly knew something was up with her dad, and he was basically making her run interference for him, and that SUCKS for her. She was a frickin' kid, she should never have had to do that.

Worst Character: Surprisingly... Summer. I mean, really? You leave your passed out drunk BEST FRIEND lying in her driveway? What if something had happened to her? What if, instead of Ryan picking Marissa up and carrying her to the pool house, some deranged pervert had found her while he was peeking in windows?

Jimmy is a close second for worst. Certainly not gonna win father of the year, what with making his 15/16 year-old daughter deal with feds for him. Julie escapes being a 'Worst' because she doesn't really act like 'Perfect Mom' on the surface like Jimmy does. Judgmental bitch is kinda her thing for the entire series (though she gradually improves). But Jimmy was otherwise supposedly a good, loving dad, and yet he makes his child cover for him. So, he's a close runner up. Only reason he didn't 'win' worst is because he didn't actually endanger Marissa like Summer did.

Favorite Scene:
The very last scene, as Ryan walks into his empty house, and then Sandy comes in. The look on Ryan's face when he turned towards Sandy, sadness and shame... breaks my heart so much.

Runners Up Include: Ryan and Sandy's first scene, in Juvie. Ryan's cynicism in that scene broke my heart, but made me love him and just wanna give him a hug. Ryan and Seth's first meeting, with Seth's permanent foot in mouth disease and the first true instance of Ryan conveying everything with a glance as they play video games. Ryan just accepts Seth for who he is, complete and utter doofusness and all. And Ryan's reaction to finding out Seth named the boat after Summer without even talking to her. And the goodbye between Ryan and Seth, with the huge and the giving of the map and Ryan smacking Seth with it...

Favorite Quote:
"Who are you?" - Marissa
"Whoever you want me to be." - Ryan
"Okay..." - Marissa
I know, considering how much I dislike M and hate R/M now, it's weird that I would pick their first conversation as favorite quote. But I really did like it just because it was SUCH a cheesy line for Ryan to use. As I talk about more below, looking back I can see why I loved R/M so much at the very beginning of the series. They were cute before we saw just how screwed up Marissa was.

Close second is:
"Way to salt his game, Mr. Cohen." - Ryan
I just loved that... lol

Music Moment:
Mazzy Star - Into Dust (As Ryan picks Marissa up from her driveway and carries her to the pool house.)
Joseph Arthur - Honey And The Moon (I Know! Another R/M thing! Weird! But that parting scene... and how it was echoed in the season one finale...)

Little Things I Never Noticed/Had Forgotten:
I think Ryan is clutching his backpack to his chest as he and Sandy pull up to the gates into the Cohens' gated community. It's little thing, but... god it emphasizes his insecurities.
Summer's characterization is one of those things that changed quite a bit just within the first handful of episodes. I can't imagine the Summer who panicked looking for Marissa in Tijuana leaving a passed out Marissa in the Coopers' driveway... and yet she did. Honestly, considering Summer's behavior in the pilot, and her penchant for booze, I have to admit that even the first time around I was surprised when we found out she was virgin. Not as a judgement against her or against people that party and drink, but she was hanging out with that crowd, getting drunk constantly, and she never ended up having drunk sex with some idiot guy? My personal theory is that, while Luke was a womanizer and cheated on Marissa, he stopped guys from taking advantage of Summer, because that's a totally different level. I think even with his fucked up sense of morality, he would have known Summer wouldn't want to have sex with randoms if she was sober, so he intervened when it got to that point. Maybe after a while, guys knew that when Summer was very drunk, they should stay away or Luke would kick their asses.
Ryan only 'lost' the fight on the beach with Luke because Luke's friends ganged up on him...
Ryan just looked so shocked by the sudden hug from Seth... I still think the poor boy didn't get nearly enough hugs in his life...

Important Looking Back/Foreshadowing:
Either Frank was still in jail at the start of Season One, or at least Dawn thought he was. She refers to Frank as rotting in jail.
We should have known about Marissa's loyalty when she so pointedly looked away from Ryan when he turned to her after Seth outed him as being from Chino.
We should have known Seth had a bad habit of never acknowledging his mistakes when he didn't even seem to realize that Ryan rushed to his assistance even though he had just humiliated Ryan at the party. Just 'Eh, you saved me, I forgive you for flirting with Summer'.
The music moment mentioned above is actually foreshadowing. Think of how similar the carrying scene in this ep was to the carrying scene at the end of 'The Escape', right down to the music. Both times he found a passed out Marissa and helped her. it also basically told us right there from the beginning that Ryan was a hero kinda guy, saving the people around him.

Changing Opinions:
When the episode first aired, all those years ago, I adored R/M immediately, but you guys know how much I dislike Marissa and hate the Ryan/Marissa pairing now. It's weird to look at the early episodes and remember, but at the same time... re-watching reminds me that I wasn't crazy to love them at the start. For those first 8 or so episodes, what I saw in Marissa was a sad little girl who only got real love from her father, who she knew was hiding something major and she was being forced to cover for him. And she and Ryan were cute in the early episodes, There was a hint of a spark at first, I just think the spark really died before they even really became a couple. Not that, at various times later on, I didn't think they had cute moments (Shopping in the mall during the Chrismukkah ep was adorable, Season 2's Mall escapades along side S/S, and the joking around while shopping for Trey... huh, a lot of cuteness comes from them being in malls/stores... lol), but i think the true spark for them ended before they officially got together and after that it was more flicker than flame, occasionally bright and shining, but mostly spluttering and at risk of going out entirely. Pretty much a metaphor for Marissa in general, though in the end she did go out entirely.

Well... there you go! I do admit to maybe getting a couple little ideas starting to percolate from re-watching the ep...
steve_ski: Ry_Glassessteve_ski on November 5th, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
Good Post...been a while since I've seen an episode but your notes bring a lot back....


Yeah, any ideas that involve Ryan can only lead to some good reading at some point. :)