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05 November 2011 @ 07:53 pm
Just goofing around and saw several people doing this for various Degrassi pairings, so... I thought I'd try out some pairings from my main fandoms.... For each of these, I'm using two calculators, first score is always from Love Calculator and the second is freom Love-Calculator (Yeah... they're not creative in terms of names... lol). And I must say, if I didn't know better, in a lot of cases, I'd think the programmers for the second site were in my fandoms and like a lot of the same pairings as me... lol

Ryan/Marissa - 02%/37%
Yes, even the 'higher' score is only 37% and says it's not meant to be.

Ryan/Summer - 14%/67%
I think the first site might be Seth/Summer shippers... lol... or maybe they realize that, as awesome as R/S would be, there's so much baggage due to Marissa and Seth issues that making it work would be hard... but the second site thinks they match quite nicely!

Ryan/Alex - 23%/93%
I think i agree with the second site: "Awesome, there's not much room for improvement."

Seth/Summer - 28%/84%
And we find that the first site is kinda 'eh' about S/S and the second is totally a shipper, they even say Marge and Homer would be jealous!

Sandy/Kirsten - 15%/24%
Okay. I was pretty much agreeing with the other results, but... no. Just... no. S/K are meant to be!

To be extra ridiculous with the two most selfish The OC leads...
Seth/Seth - 28%/63%
LMFAO! One the first sight at least, Seth is as good a match for himself as he is for Summer! lol And the second one agrees that Seth should be with himself!

Marissa/Marissa - 04%/76%
I would say this results mean that Marissa doesn't even love herself (I can see that, the girl did have serious issues) but she should just be by herself...

Crossover Pairings:
Ryan/Brooke Davis- 75%/74%
I'm happy about this one... the second one actually says "Ryan and Brooke have a great potential. I'd say 7 children and a dog." which kinda makes me wanna write a joking on shot where they have this huge brood of kids, both biological and adoptive, and of course a dog... lol I particularly like that the scores were so close to each other...

Ryan/Jess Mariano - 15%/55%
Eh... It would be tough for them, those boys are both kinda lousy with the 'expressing themselves in a positive manner' thing... but I still love 'em!

Ryan/Chuck Bass - 00%/50%
Again, yeah, accurate... but I LOVE the little thing on the second site (which also had the wonderful thing for Ryan/Brooke): "Ryan and Chuck are like Mentos and Coke - cool, unless you don't like explosions."

That was fun! And I seriously wanna write a ridiculous Ryan/Brooke have 7 kids (and a dog) fic now... maybe for 24 gifts... lol
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