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01 December 2011 @ 03:58 pm
24 Gifts 2011 - Day One - 'The Roommate' Poster  
So, last year, I never finished my 24 gifts project, thanks to burning my hand so badly. This year will, hopefully, be much different.

So, here's Day One!

(Click on thumbnail for full size).
A manipped poster for 'The Roommate', replacing Cam Gigandet, Minka Kelly, and Leighton Meester with Ben McKenzie, Sophie Bush, and Mischa Barton... It would follow the same basic plot, though. Brooke arrives at college and is assigned Marissa as a roommate. Everything is good at first, and Brooke and Marissa become fast friends. But as Brooke makes other friends and starts dating Ryan, Marissa becomes increasingly unbalanced, threatening some of Brooke's friends and trying to 'seduce' Ryan in order to make Brooke see he's not good for her. Will Brooke realize just how crazy Marissa is before it's too late? Who will pay the price for Marissa's insanity?

I plan on someday writing this one because... well... I loved the original movie, and I love the idea... lol... and the amusement of having Ryan be in the role of the new boyfriend, which was originally Cam Gigandet, aka Volchak!