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04 December 2011 @ 04:53 pm
24 Gifts 2011 - Day Four - Guess Who Sophie Rose's Favorite Brother Is?  
Just a little one shot. Post-series, but the Cohens stayed in Newport instead of moving to Berkeley. Ryan's still the awesome big brother, though.

Ryan skipped coming home to Newport for Thanksgiving, and Kirsten let him get away with it because he claimed he'd gotten caught up in 'the college life' and he was worried he wouldn't do well on his finals. So she told him to stay at school and study, but if he didn't come home for Chrismukkah, she'd come get him with Sophie Rose balanced on her hip.

They all knew Ryan couldn't resist Sophie Rose.

Ryan had insisted that he wanted to drive down, so they weren't sure when exactly he'd arrive, but Kirsten made sure all his favorite foods were in the house for when he did get there. She even held dinner for him when he called and said he was running a little later than he'd expected.

So, when he finally walked in and called out a greeting, Seth was quick to respond. "Finally!"

"Sorry, I just got a little held up," Ryan said as he walked into the dining room.

Sandy and Kirsten were immediately on their feet and greeting him with warm hugs. "We held dinner for you..." Kirsten began.

"Oh..." Ryan said, his smile faltering slightly. "You shouldn't have..."

"Nonsense, we weren't going to eat without you!" Kirsten insisted, pulling him towards the table.

"It's just... I already ate," Ryan said. "I was starving when I hit LA, so I grabbed some food. If I'd known you were waiting to have dinner..."

"You can sit and talk while we eat," Seth said, already loading his plate up. "Or better yet, you can feed Sophie Rose so that the rest of us can eat and she can spit food on you. You've really been missing an experience with that!"

"I'm kinda tired..." Ryan said slowly, though when Sophie Rose looked up at him and smiled widely, he couldn't help but smile back. "But I think I can handle it," he finally added as he moved to sit in the chair next to Sophie Rose's high chair. "Hey, Soph, I'll bet you don't even remember me..."

"I was here for Thanksgiving and she doesn't remember me," Seth said, rolling his eyes.

"Maybe she just doesn't like you," Ryan teased with a smirk before turning his attention back to his little sister. "What's this about spitting out your food?" he asked her, little poking her stomach and smiling when she giggled.

"Dude, you've got our sister acting like the Pillsbury Doughboy!" Seth said with a grin.

"Doughgirl," Ryan corrected without looking away from Sophie Rose, who had grasped onto his index finger and was swinging her arm around. "But you just know which brother is really funny, don't you?" he added to her, laughing as she let go of his finger to bang her hands on the table, then seemed confused when she realized she didn't have hold of him anymore.

"Are you sure you don't mind feeding her?" Kirsten asked as she brought over the food.

"I'm sure," Ryan replied as he took the food and saw what it was. "Oh wow, you get the good stuff!" he told Sophie Rose, who watched him intently as he spooned up a little and held it out to her. "You're gonna eat this, right? No spitting?" he asked her.

"Do you think she's gonna answer?" Seth asked through a mouthful of food.

"See, that's why she spits it out," Ryan said pointedly, gesturing towards the food dribbling down Seth's chin. "Seth's a bad influence, isn't he?" he added to Sophie Rose, who giggled and reached for the food.

The End
fifimom on December 5th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Very sweet,family moment. Thank you.
kazfloyd: Familykazfloyd on December 5th, 2011 11:58 am (UTC)
Awww, very cute!
jujuberry136jujuberry136 on December 6th, 2011 12:11 am (UTC)
Aw, Ryan and Sophie will never cease to be adorable