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16 December 2011 @ 03:01 pm
Okay... hmmm...  
First of all, I'm so surprised no one's been getting all thrilled about Southland being back in just about a month! January 17th isn't that far away, people! lol...

Second of all... anyone remember episodes where we got good/decent views of Cooper's house? I know we see his backyard a decent amount in the season 1 finale, Derailed (the scene near the beginning with Ceasar working on the retaining wall, and again at the end with Cooper and Ceasar as the fireworks start...) but I cant remember if we ever got a good look at the front of the house, or at what the living room, kitchen, and other rooms look like, what the layout may be like... so, any ideas of what eps I should rewatch to make notes? I'm pretty sure we briefly saw his bedroom and a bathroom in Season 3 (as his back got worse and worse) but... what about the rest?

Yes, it's for a fic... lol... If I can't find any more views of the house, outside of the backyard scene in Derailed, I'll just make a guess... but I'd prefer to have it be as close to accurate as possible...

ETA: No sooner do i post this than i find a good pic of the front of the house... or at least the front of the house they used for the scene in 'Maximum Deployment' where we see the front of the house... lol.... but still, I need to try and find some good interior shots... so my request remains... lol
60schic: Coopman60schic on December 17th, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
S2.02 Butch & Sundance If this is the one w/ the home invasion where mom and 2 girls die, we see Coop in his dining room.

In S3 we see his bedroom a few times....and a nice shot of his ass padding towards his bathroom, and staring in his mirror.